QKnxControlBlinds Class

The QKnxControlBlinds class is a datapoint type for controlling blinds. More...

Header: #include <QKnxControlBlinds>
qmake: QT += knx
Inherits: QKnx3BitControlled

Public Types

enum Control { Up, Down }

Public Functions

QKnxControlBlinds(QKnxControlBlinds::Control control, QKnx3BitControlled::NumberOfIntervals interval)
QKnxControlBlinds::Control control() const
void setControl(QKnxControlBlinds::Control control)

Detailed Description

To set this datapoint type, Control and NumberOfIntervals have to be set.

See also QKnx3BitControlled and Qt KNX Datapoint Type Classes.

Member Type Documentation

enum QKnxControlBlinds::Control

This enum type holds whether the blinds are being raised or lowered.

QKnxControlBlinds::Up0x00Blinds are being raised.
QKnxControlBlinds::Down0x01Blinds are being lowered.

Member Function Documentation

QKnxControlBlinds::QKnxControlBlinds(QKnxControlBlinds::Control control, QKnx3BitControlled::NumberOfIntervals interval)

Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the control control and the number of intervals interval.


Creates a fixed size boolean datapoint type with the control set to Up and the number of intervals set to QKnx3BitControlled::Break.

QKnxControlBlinds::Control QKnxControlBlinds::control() const

Returns the control stored in the datapoint type.

See also setControl().

void QKnxControlBlinds::setControl(QKnxControlBlinds::Control control)

Sets the control part of the datapoint type to control.

See also control().

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