Builder Class

class QKnxNetIpTunnelingInfoDibProxy::Builder

The QKnxNetIpTunnelingInfoDibProxy::Builder class creates a KNXnet/IP tunneling info DIB structure. More...

This class was introduced in Qt 5.12.

Public Functions

Builder(const Builder &other)
Builder &operator=(const Builder &other)
QKnxNetIpDib create() const
Builder &setMaximumInterfaceApduLength(quint16 length)
Builder &setOptionalSlotInfos(const QVector<QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo> &infos)
Builder &setTunnelingSlotInfo(const QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo &info)

Detailed Description

A KNXnet/IP tunneling info DIB structure contains the maximum application layer protocol data unit (APDU) length supported by a KNXnet/IP tunneling interface for bus access and one or more tunneling slot information objects.

The common way to create such a DIB structure is:

auto dib = QKnxNetIpTunnelingInfoDibProxy::builder()
    .setTunnelingSlotInfo({ { QKnxAddress::Type::Individual, 1976 },
        { { QKnxAddress::Type::Individual, 2013 },
                | QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo::Authorized
                | QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo::Free },
        { { QKnxAddress::Type::Individual, 1978 }, QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo::NotAvailable },
        { QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo({ QKnxAddress::Type::Individual, 2002 }) }

Member Function Documentation

Builder::Builder(const Builder &other)

Constructs a copy of other.


Creates a new empty tunneling info DIB structure builder object.

Builder &Builder::operator=(const Builder &other)

Assigns the specified other to this object.


Destroys the object and frees any allocated resources.

QKnxNetIpDib Builder::create() const

Creates and returns a tunneling info QKnxNetIpDib.

Note: The returned structure may be invalid depending on the values used during setup.

Note: Invalid tunneling slot information objects are not taken into account when creating the tunneling information QKnxNetIpDib.

See also isValid().

Builder &Builder::setMaximumInterfaceApduLength(quint16 length)

Sets the maximum APDU length of the KNXnet/IP DIB structure to length and returns a reference to the builder.

Builder &Builder::setOptionalSlotInfos(const QVector<QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo> &infos)

Sets the optional tunneling slot information of the KNXnet/IP DIB structure to infos and returns a reference to the builder.

Builder &Builder::setTunnelingSlotInfo(const QKnxNetIpTunnelingSlotInfo &info)

Sets the mandatory tunneling slot information of the KNXnet/IP DIB structure to info and returns a reference to the builder.

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