Transaction QML Type

Contains information about an in-app transaction. More...

Import Statement: import QtPurchasing 1.15
Since: QtPurchasing 1.0



Detailed Description

Transaction contains information about a transaction in the external app store and is usually provided as a result of calling purchase() on a product. When the purchase flow has ended, whether it's successful or not, either the product's onPurchaseSucceeded or onPurchaseFailed handler will be called with a transaction object as argument.

Transaction cannot be created directly in QML, but is only provided as an argument to the purchase handlers in the products.

Property Documentation

errorString : string

This property holds a string describing the error if the transaction failed due to an error. The contents of the error string is platform-specific.

See also failureReason and status.

failureReason : enum

This property holds the reason for the failure if the transaction failed.

  • Transaction.NoFailure The transaction did not fail.
  • Transaction.CanceledByUser The transaction was canceled by the user.
  • Transaction.ErrorOccurred The transaction failed due to an error.

See also errorString.

orderId : string

This property holds a unique identifier for this transaction. This value may be an empty string if no transaction was registered (for example for canceled purchases).

product : object

This property holds the product which is the object of this transaction.

status : enum

This property holds the status of the transaction.

  • Transaction.PurchaseApproved The purchase was successfully completed.
  • Transaction.PurchaseFailed The purchase was not completed for some reason. This could be because the user canceled the transaction, but it could also for example be caused by a missing network connection.
  • PurchaseRestored The product has previously been purchased and the purchase has now been restored as a result of calling restorePurchases().

timestamp : time

This property holds the timestamp of the transaction. The timestamp can be invalid if there is no valid transaction, for example if the user canceled the purchase.

See also orderId.

Method Documentation

void finalize()

Call this when the application has finished performing all necessary reactions to the purchase. If the purchase succeeded, the application should store the information about the transaction in a safe way before finalizing it. All transactions should be finalized.

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