CircularGauge QML Type

A gauge that displays a value within a range along an arc. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Extras 1.4
Since: Qt 5.5


Detailed Description


The CircularGauge is similar to traditional mechanical gauges that use a needle to display a value from some input, such as the speed of a vehicle or air pressure, for example.

The minimum and maximum values displayable by the gauge can be set with the minimumValue and maximumValue properties. The angle at which these values are displayed can be set with the minimumValueAngle and maximumValueAngle properties of CircularGaugeStyle.


CircularGauge {
    value: accelerating ? maximumValue : 0
    anchors.centerIn: parent

    property bool accelerating: false

    Keys.onSpacePressed: accelerating = true
    Keys.onReleased: {
        if (event.key === Qt.Key_Space) {
            accelerating = false;
            event.accepted = true;

    Component.onCompleted: forceActiveFocus()

    Behavior on value {
        NumberAnimation {
            duration: 1000

You can create a custom appearance for a CircularGauge by assigning a CircularGaugeStyle.

Property Documentation

maximumValue : real

This property holds the largest value displayed by the gauge.

minimumValue : real

This property holds the smallest value displayed by the gauge.

stepSize : real

This property holds the size of the value increments that the needle displays.

For example, when stepSize is 10 and value is 0, adding 5 to value will have no visible effect on the needle, although value will still be incremented. Adding an extra 5 to value will then cause the needle to point to 10.

tickmarksVisible : bool

This property determines whether or not the gauge displays tickmarks, minor tickmarks, and labels.

For more fine-grained control over what is displayed, the following style components of CircularGaugeStyle can be used:

value : alias

This property holds the current value displayed by the gauge, which will always be between minimumValue and maximumValue, inclusive.

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