PdfSelection QML Type

A representation of a text selection within a PDF Document. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Pdf 5.15
Since: Qt 5.15



Detailed Description

PdfSelection provides the text string and its geometry within a bounding box from one point to another.

To modify the selection using the mouse, bind fromPoint and toPoint to the suitable properties of an input handler so that they will be set to the positions where the drag gesture begins and ends, respectively; and bind the hold property so that it will be set to true during the drag gesture and false when the gesture ends.

PdfSelection also directly handles Input Method queries so that text selection handles can be used on platforms such as iOS. For this purpose, it must have keyboard focus.

Property Documentation

fromPoint : point

The beginning location, in pixels from the upper-left corner of the page, from which to find selected text. This can be bound to the centroid.pressPosition of a DragHandler to begin selecting text from the position where the user presses the mouse button and begins dragging, for example.

geometry : list<list<point>>

A set of paths in a form that can be bound to the paths property of a PathMultiline instance to render a batch of rectangles around the text regions that are included in the selection:

PdfDocument {
    id: doc
PdfSelection {
    id: selection
    document: doc
    fromPoint: textSelectionDrag.centroid.pressPosition
    toPoint: textSelectionDrag.centroid.position
    hold: !textSelectionDrag.active
Shape {
    ShapePath {
        PathMultiline {
            paths: selection.geometry
DragHandler {
    id: textSelectionDrag
    acceptedDevices: PointerDevice.Mouse | PointerDevice.Stylus
    target: null

See also PathMultiline.

hold : bool

Controls whether to hold the existing selection regardless of changes to fromPoint and toPoint. This property can be set to true when the mouse or touchpoint is released, so that the selection is not lost due to the point bindings changing.

page : int

The page number on which to search.

See also QtQuick::Image::currentFrame.

renderScale : real

The ratio from points to pixels at which the page is rendered.

This is used to scale fromPoint and toPoint to find ranges of selected characters in the document, because positions within the document are always given in points.

string : string

The string found.

toPoint : point

The ending location, in pixels from the upper-left corner of the page, from which to find selected text. This can be bound to the centroid.position of a DragHandler to end selection of text at the position where the user is currently dragging the mouse, for example.

Method Documentation

void copyToClipboard()

Copies plain text from the string property to the system clipboard.

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