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The QPdf namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the QtPdf module. More...

Header: #include <QPdf>


enum RenderFlag { NoRenderFlags, RenderAnnotations, RenderOptimizedForLcd, RenderGrayscale, RenderForceHalftone, …, RenderPathAliased }
flags RenderFlags
enum Rotation { Rotate0, Rotate90, Rotate180, Rotate270 }

Detailed Description

Type Documentation

enum QPdf::RenderFlag
flags QPdf::RenderFlags

This enum is used to describe how a page should be rendered.

QPdf::NoRenderFlags0x000The default value, representing no flags.
QPdf::RenderAnnotations0x001The page is rendered with annotations.
QPdf::RenderOptimizedForLcd0x002The text of the page is rendered optimized for LCD display.
QPdf::RenderGrayscale0x004The page is rendered grayscale.
QPdf::RenderForceHalftone0x008Always use halftones for rendering if the output image is stretched.
QPdf::RenderTextAliased0x010Anti-aliasing is disabled for rendering text.
QPdf::RenderImageAliased0x020Anti-aliasing is disabled for rendering images.
QPdf::RenderPathAliased0x040Anti-aliasing is disabled for rendering paths.

The RenderFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<RenderFlag>. It stores an OR combination of RenderFlag values.

See also QPdfDocument::render().

enum QPdf::Rotation

This enum describes the rotation of the page for rendering.

QPdf::Rotate00Do not rotate (the default)
QPdf::Rotate901Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
QPdf::Rotate1802Rotate 180 degrees
QPdf::Rotate2703Rotate 270 degrees clockwise

See also QPdfDocument::render().

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