KeyboardLayout QML Type

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Import Statement: import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.2




Detailed Description

This type is the root element of the keyboard layout. Use this element to build a new keyboard layout.


import QtQuick
import QtQuick.Layouts
import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard

// file: layouts/en_GB/main.qml

KeyboardLayout {
    KeyboardRow {
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_Q
            text: "q"
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_W
            text: "w"
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_E
            text: "e"
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_R
            text: "r"
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_T
            text: "t"
        Key {
            key: Qt.Key_Y
            text: "y"

Property Documentation

inputMethod : var

Sets the input method to be used in this layout.

This property allows a custom input method to be used in this layout.

inputMode : int

Sets the input mode to be used in this layout.

By default, the virtual keyboard attempts to preserve the current input mode when switching to a different keyboard layout.

If the current input mode is not valid in the current context, the default input mode is specified by the input method.

keyWeight : real

Sets the key weight for all children keys.

The default value is inherited from the parent element in the layout hierarchy.

sharedLayouts : var

List of layout names which share the input method created by the createInputMethod() function.

If the list is empty (the default) the input method is not shared with any other layout and will be destroyed when the layout changes.

The list should contain only the name of the layout type, e.g., ['symbols']. The current layout does not have to be included in the list.

[since QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.0] smallTextVisible : bool

Sets the smallTextVisible for all children keys.

The default value is inherited from the parent element in the layout hierarchy.

This property was introduced in QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.0.

Method Documentation


This function may be overridden by the keyboard layout to create the input method object dynamically. The default implementation returns null.

The input method object created by this function can outlive keyboard layout transitions in certain cases. In particular, this applies to the transitions between the layouts listed in the sharedLayouts property.

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