QTextOption Class

The QTextOption class provides a description of general rich text properties. More...

Header: #include <QTextOption>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS Gui REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui

Note: All functions in this class are reentrant.

Public Types

struct Tab
enum Flag { IncludeTrailingSpaces, ShowTabsAndSpaces, ShowLineAndParagraphSeparators, ShowDocumentTerminator, AddSpaceForLineAndParagraphSeparators, SuppressColors }
flags Flags
enum TabType { LeftTab, RightTab, CenterTab, DelimiterTab }
enum WrapMode { NoWrap, WordWrap, ManualWrap, WrapAnywhere, WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere }

Public Functions

QTextOption(const QTextOption &other)
QTextOption(Qt::Alignment alignment)
QTextOption &operator=(const QTextOption &other)
Qt::Alignment alignment() const
QTextOption::Flags flags() const
void setAlignment(Qt::Alignment alignment)
void setFlags(QTextOption::Flags flags)
void setTabArray(const QList<qreal> &tabStops)
void setTabStopDistance(qreal tabStopDistance)
void setTabs(const QList<QTextOption::Tab> &tabStops)
void setTextDirection(Qt::LayoutDirection direction)
void setUseDesignMetrics(bool enable)
void setWrapMode(QTextOption::WrapMode mode)
QList<qreal> tabArray() const
qreal tabStopDistance() const
QList<QTextOption::Tab> tabs() const
Qt::LayoutDirection textDirection() const
bool useDesignMetrics() const
QTextOption::WrapMode wrapMode() const

Detailed Description

QTextOption is used to encapsulate common rich text properties in a single object. It contains information about text alignment, layout direction, word wrapping, and other standard properties associated with text rendering and layout.

See also QTextEdit, QTextDocument, and QTextCursor.

Member Type Documentation

enum QTextOption::Flag
flags QTextOption::Flags

QTextOption::IncludeTrailingSpaces0x80000000When this option is set, QTextLine::naturalTextWidth() and naturalTextRect() will return a value that includes the width of trailing spaces in the text; otherwise this width is excluded.
QTextOption::ShowTabsAndSpaces0x1Visualize spaces with little dots, and tabs with little arrows. Non-breaking spaces are shown differently to breaking spaces.
QTextOption::ShowLineAndParagraphSeparators0x2Visualize line and paragraph separators with appropriate symbol characters.
QTextOption::ShowDocumentTerminator0x10Visualize the end of the document with a section sign. This enum value was added in Qt 5.7.
QTextOption::AddSpaceForLineAndParagraphSeparators0x4While determining the line-break positions take into account the space added for drawing a separator character.
QTextOption::SuppressColors0x8Suppress all color changes in the character formats (except the main selection).

The Flags type is a typedef for QFlags<Flag>. It stores an OR combination of Flag values.

enum QTextOption::TabType

This enum holds the different types of tabulator

QTextOption::LeftTab0A left-tab
QTextOption::RightTab1A right-tab
QTextOption::CenterTab2A centered-tab
QTextOption::DelimiterTab3A tab stopping at a certain delimiter-character

enum QTextOption::WrapMode

This enum describes how text is wrapped in a document.

QTextOption::NoWrap0Text is not wrapped at all.
QTextOption::WordWrap1Text is wrapped at word boundaries.
QTextOption::ManualWrap2Same as QTextOption::NoWrap
QTextOption::WrapAnywhere3Text can be wrapped at any point on a line, even if it occurs in the middle of a word.
QTextOption::WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere4If possible, wrapping occurs at a word boundary; otherwise it will occur at the appropriate point on the line, even in the middle of a word.

Member Function Documentation

QTextOption::QTextOption(const QTextOption &other)

Construct a copy of the other text option.

QTextOption::QTextOption(Qt::Alignment alignment)

Constructs a text option with the given alignment for text. The word wrap property is set to QTextOption::WordWrap. The using of design metrics flag is set to false.


Constructs a text option with default properties for text. The text alignment property is set to Qt::AlignLeft. The word wrap property is set to QTextOption::WordWrap. The using of design metrics flag is set to false.

QTextOption &QTextOption::operator=(const QTextOption &other)

Returns true if the text option is the same as the other text option; otherwise returns false.


Destroys the text option.

Qt::Alignment QTextOption::alignment() const

Returns the text alignment defined by the option.

See also setAlignment().

QTextOption::Flags QTextOption::flags() const

Returns the flags associated with the option.

See also setFlags().

void QTextOption::setAlignment(Qt::Alignment alignment)

Sets the option's text alignment to the specified alignment.

See also alignment().

void QTextOption::setFlags(QTextOption::Flags flags)

Sets the flags associated with the option to the given flags.

See also flags().

void QTextOption::setTabArray(const QList<qreal> &tabStops)

Sets the tab positions for the text layout to those specified by tabStops.

See also tabArray(), setTabStopDistance(), and setTabs().

[since 5.10] void QTextOption::setTabStopDistance(qreal tabStopDistance)

Sets the default distance in device units between tab stops to the value specified by tabStopDistance.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.10.

See also tabStopDistance(), setTabArray(), setTabs(), and tabs().

void QTextOption::setTabs(const QList<QTextOption::Tab> &tabStops)

Sets the tab positions for the text layout to those specified by tabStops.

See also tabs() and tabStopDistance().

void QTextOption::setTextDirection(Qt::LayoutDirection direction)

Sets the direction of the text layout defined by the option to the given direction.

See also textDirection().

void QTextOption::setUseDesignMetrics(bool enable)

If enable is true then the layout will use design metrics; otherwise it will use the metrics of the paint device (which is the default behavior).

See also useDesignMetrics().

void QTextOption::setWrapMode(QTextOption::WrapMode mode)

Sets the option's text wrap mode to the given mode.

See also wrapMode().

QList<qreal> QTextOption::tabArray() const

Returns a list of tab positions defined for the text layout.

See also setTabArray() and tabStopDistance().

[since 5.10] qreal QTextOption::tabStopDistance() const

Returns the distance in device units between tab stops.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.10.

See also setTabStopDistance(), tabArray(), setTabs(), and tabs().

QList<QTextOption::Tab> QTextOption::tabs() const

Returns a list of tab positions defined for the text layout.

See also tabStopDistance(), setTabs(), and setTabStopDistance().

Qt::LayoutDirection QTextOption::textDirection() const

Returns the direction of the text layout defined by the option.

See also setTextDirection().

bool QTextOption::useDesignMetrics() const

Returns true if the layout uses design rather than device metrics; otherwise returns false.

See also setUseDesignMetrics().

QTextOption::WrapMode QTextOption::wrapMode() const

Returns the text wrap mode defined by the option.

See also setWrapMode().

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