QHttpServerRequest Class

Encapsulates an HTTP request. More...

Header: #include <QHttpServerRequest>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS HttpServer)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::HttpServer)
qmake: QT += httpserver
Since: Qt 6.4

Public Types

enum class Method { Unknown, Get, Put, Delete, Post, …, AnyKnown }
flags Methods

Public Functions

QByteArray body() const
QList<QPair<QByteArray, QByteArray>> headers() const
QHttpServerRequest::Method method() const
QUrlQuery query() const
QHostAddress remoteAddress() const
QUrl url() const
QByteArray value(const QByteArray &key) const
QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QHttpServerRequest &request)

Detailed Description

API for accessing the different parameters of an incoming request.

Member Type Documentation

enum class QHttpServerRequest::Method
flags QHttpServerRequest::Methods

This enum type specifies an HTTP request method:

QHttpServerRequest::Method::Unknown0x0000An unknown method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Get0x0001HTTP GET method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Put0x0002HTTP PUT method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Delete0x0004HTTP DELETE method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Post0x0008HTTP POST method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Head0x0010HTTP HEAD method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Options0x0020HTTP OPTIONS method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Patch0x0040HTTP PATCH method (RFC 5789).
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Connect0x0080HTTP CONNECT method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::Trace0x0100HTTP TRACE method.
QHttpServerRequest::Method::AnyKnownGet | Put | Delete | Post | Head | Options | Patch | Connect | TraceCombination of all known methods.

The Methods type is a typedef for QFlags<Method>. It stores an OR combination of Method values.

Member Function Documentation


Destroys a QHttpServerRequest

QByteArray QHttpServerRequest::body() const

Returns the body of the request.

QList<QPair<QByteArray, QByteArray>> QHttpServerRequest::headers() const

Returns all the request headers.

QHttpServerRequest::Method QHttpServerRequest::method() const

Returns the method of the request.

QUrlQuery QHttpServerRequest::query() const

Returns the query in the request.

QHostAddress QHttpServerRequest::remoteAddress() const

Returns the address of the origin host of the request.

QUrl QHttpServerRequest::url() const

Returns the URL the request asked for.

QByteArray QHttpServerRequest::value(const QByteArray &key) const

Returns the combined value of all headers with the named key.

Related Non-Members

QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QHttpServerRequest &request)

Writes information about request to the debug stream.

See also QDebug.

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