Building a monolith project

This tutorial will guide you through building a monolith INTEGRITY project for a Qt example application. You can select any Qt example application that uses the Supported Qt modules.

Before building the monolith INTEGRITY project, prepare your build environment by running the script. For more information about the script, see Creating a set environment shell script.

source ~/

Building the Qt application

  • CMake tool

    To build the application against Qt6 using CMake, run the following commands in a terminal:

    <Qt installation path>/bin/qt-cmake <Qt example application path>/CMakeLists.txt
    cmake --build .

    Where, qt-cmake is the wrapper script that calls CMake to configure your project with appropriate include paths.

  • qmake tool

    To build the application against Qt6 using qmake, run the following commands in a terminal:

    <Qt installation path>/bin/qmake <Qt example application path>/

Building a monolith project

The board support package (BSP) for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155P board provides a build script to create a set of images for board partitions:


Add a Qt application to a build by adding it into the file:

  • Start MULTI Launcher.
  • Select Components > Open Project Manager.
  • Select the project file default.gpj under the /work/ghs/sa8155/es7/es7_dev_env/hlos_dev_boot/apps/ghs_apps_proc/qc_bsp directory:

    "Select a project."

    MULTI application shows a window with a list of project files from the chosen folder.

  • Select Open.

In the MULTI Project Manager view, you should see a tree structure of the opened project.

Go through the default.gpj sub projects:

  • Select vmm-adp-no-gvm-sa8155.gpj > vvm-adp-gvm-ref.gpj > monolith-service.gpj. You can observe the project structure and edit a project's files.
  • Select

    "Project tree."

    Selected file is highlighted in the project tree.

  • Right-click on the file, then select Edit from the context menu.
  • Add the following lines at the end of the file.
    Name    myappname
    Filename    /path/to/your/app/executable
    MemoryPoolSize 0x2700000
    Language    C++
    HeapSize    0x90000
    Task Initial
    StackSize    0x80000
    StartIt    false
    Extendedmemorypoolsize 0x300000

    Note: Replace </path/to/your/app/executable> with a path to your application executable.

  • Run the build script.
    bash /work/ghs/sa8155/es7/es7_dev_env/hlos_dev_boot/apps/ghs_apps_proc/

Your monolith project is now ready to be flashed on to the board.

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