ShaderProgramBuilder QML Type

Generates a Shader Program content from loaded graphs. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.7
Instantiates: QShaderProgramBuilder


Detailed Description

A shader program builder consists of several different shader graphs used to generate shader code.

A cache of generated shader code is maintained. Generated shaders are by defaults saved in QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::TempLocation)). This path can be overridden by setting environment variable QT3D_WRITABLE_CACHE_PATH to a valid writable path.

The use of the cache can be disabled by setting environment variable QT3D_DISABLE_SHADER_CACHE.

In most cases, changes made to a graph are detected by Qt 3D and a new cache entry will be generated. One case were this will not happen is when code snippets included by a graphs are changed. To work around that, clearing the cache directory or setting environment variable QT3D_REBUILD_SHADER_CACHE can be used to force shader code to be generated again.

Property Documentation

computeShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated compute shader code

enabledLayers : stringlist

Holds the list of layers this builder will activate on the shader graphs during code generation.

fragmentShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated fragment shader code

geometryShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated geometry shader code

shaderProgram : string

Holds the shader program on which this builder generates code.

tessellationControlShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated tessellation control shader code

tessellationEvaluationShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated tessellation evaluation shader code

vertexShaderCode : string [read-only]

Holds the generated vertex shader code

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