QtPositioning QML Type

The QtPositioning global object provides useful functions for working with location-based types in QML. More...

Import Statement: import QtPositioning


Detailed Description

import QtPositioning

Item {
    property var coordinate: QtPositioning.coordinate(-27.5, 153.1)

Method Documentation

geocircle circle()

Constructs an invalid geocircle.

See also geocircle.

geocircle circle(coordinate center, real radius)

Constructs a geocircle centered at center with a radius of radius meters.

point coordToMercator(coordinate coord)

Converts a coordinate coord into a mercator coordinate and returns it.

See also mercatorToCoord.

coordinate coordinate()

Constructs an invalid coordinate.

coordinate coordinate(real latitude, real longitude, real altitude)

Constructs a coordinate with the specified latitude, longitude and optional altitude. Both latitude and longitude must be valid, otherwise an invalid coordinate is returned.

See also coordinate.

coordinate mercatorToCoord(point mercator)

Converts a mercator coordinate into a latitude-longitude coordinate.

See also coordToMercator.

geopath path()

Constructs an empty geopath.

See also geopath.

geopath path(list<coordinate> coordinates, real width)

Constructs a geopath from coordinates and width.

See also geopath.

geopolygon polygon()

Constructs an empty polygon.

See also geopolygon.

geopolygon polygon(list<coordinate> coordinates)

Constructs a polygon from coordinates.

See also geopolygon.

geopolygon polygon(list<coordinate> perimeter, list<list<coordinate>> holes)

Constructs a polygon from coordinates for perimeter and inner holes.

See also geopolygon.

georectangle rectangle()

Constructs an invalid georectangle.

See also georectangle.

georectangle rectangle(coordinate center, real width, real height)

Constructs a georectangle centered at center with a width of width degrees and a hight of height degrees.

See also georectangle.

georectangle rectangle(coordinate topLeft, coordinate bottomRight)

Constructs a georectangle with its top left corner positioned at topLeft and its bottom right corner positioned at bottomRight.

See also georectangle.

georectangle rectangle(list<coordinate> coordinates)

Constructs a georectangle from the list of coordinates, the returned list is the smallest possible containing all the coordinates.

See also georectangle.

geoshape shape()

Constructs an invalid geoshape.

See also geoshape.

geocircle shapeToCircle(geoshape shape)

Converts shape to a geocircle.

See also geocircle.

geopath shapeToPath(geoshape shape)

Converts shape to a geopath.

See also geopath.

geopolygon shapeToPolygon(geoshape shape)

Converts shape to a polygon.

See also geopolygon.

georectangle shapeToRectangle(geoshape shape)

Converts shape to a georectangle.

See also georectangle.

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