Timeline QML Type

A timeline. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Timeline 1.0



Detailed Description

Specifies a timeline with a range of keyframes that contain values for the properties of an object. The timeline allows specifying the values of items depending on keyframes and their easing curves.

A timeline can be either used for animations or to control the behavior of items.

For example, it is possible to create a progress bar where the current frame reflects the progress.

Property Documentation

animations : list [read-only]

A list of animations attached to the timeline.

currentFrame : double

The current keyframe on the timeline. The current keyframe can be animated or a binding can be attached to it. Using bindings allows controlling the behavior of components.

enabled : bool

Whether the timeline is enabled.

When the timeline is disabled, all items will have their regular values. When the timeline is enabled, the values of items are determined by the current frame and the keyframes.

Only one timeline should be active at a particular time.

endFrame : double

The end of the timeline.

keyframes : list [read-only]

This property contains the keyframe groups attached to the timeline. Each keyframe group contains a list of keyframes for a specific item and property.

startFrame : double

The start of the timeline.

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