SeparateToCombinedImageSamplerMapping Struct

struct QShader::SeparateToCombinedImageSamplerMapping

Mapping metadata for sampler uniforms. More...

Public Variables

Detailed Description

Describes a mapping from a traditional combined image sampler uniform to binding points for a separate texture and sampler.

For example, if combinedImageSampler is "_54", textureBinding is 1, and samplerBinding is 2, this means that the GLSL shader code contains a sampler2D (or sampler3D, etc.) uniform with the name of _54 which corresponds to two separate resource bindings (1 and 2) in the original shader.

Note: This is a RHI API with limited compatibility guarantees, see QShader for details.

Member Variable Documentation

QByteArray SeparateToCombinedImageSamplerMapping::combinedSamplerName

int SeparateToCombinedImageSamplerMapping::samplerBinding

int SeparateToCombinedImageSamplerMapping::textureBinding

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