The Qml Preview

The QML Preview tool watches QML and JavaScript files on disk and updates the application live with any changes. The application to be previewed has to have QML debugging enabled. More...

qmlpreview [options] executable [parameters...]


–verbosePrint debugging output.
-h, –helpDisplays help on commandline options.
–help-allDisplays help, including generic Qt options.
-v, –versionDisplays version information.


executableThe path of the executable file that loads a QML document.
parametersArguments of the executable


Enable QML Debugging

To enable QML debugging, make sure you build your application with appropriate configuration parameters. When using qmake, you should add CONFIG+=qml_debug in the .pro file. If you use another build system, then QT_QML_DEBUG variable should be defined.


target_compile_definitions(MyApp PRIVATE QT_QML_DEBUG)

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