BaseFileWizardFactory Class

class Core::BaseFileWizardFactory

The BaseFileWizardFactory class implements a generic wizard for creating files. More...

Header: #include <coreplugin/basefilewizardfactory.h>
Inherits: Core::IWizardFactory

Static Public Members

Utils::FilePath buildFileName(const Utils::FilePath &path, const QString &baseName, const QString &extension)

Protected Functions

virtual Core::BaseFileWizard *create(QWidget *parent, const Core::WizardDialogParameters &parameters) const = 0
virtual Core::GeneratedFiles generateFiles(const QWizard *w, QString *errorMessage) const = 0
virtual bool postGenerateFiles(const QWizard *w, const Core::GeneratedFiles &l, QString *errorMessage) const
virtual bool writeFiles(const Core::GeneratedFiles &files, QString *errorMessage) const

Static Protected Members

bool postGenerateOpenEditors(const Core::GeneratedFiles &l, QString *errorMessage = nullptr)
QString preferredSuffix(const QString &mimeType)
Core::BaseFileWizardFactory::OverwriteResult promptOverwrite(Core::GeneratedFiles *files, QString *errorMessage)

Detailed Description

The following abstract functions must be implemented:

The behavior can be further customized by overwriting the virtual function postGenerateFiles(), which is called after generating the files.

Note: Instead of using this class, we recommend that you create JSON-based wizards, as instructed in Adding New Custom Wizards.

See also Core::GeneratedFile, Core::WizardDialogParameters, and Core::BaseFileWizard.

Member Function Documentation

[static] Utils::FilePath BaseFileWizardFactory::buildFileName(const Utils::FilePath &path, const QString &baseName, const QString &extension)

Constructs a file name including path, adding the extension unless baseName already has one.

[pure virtual protected] Core::BaseFileWizard *BaseFileWizardFactory::create(QWidget *parent, const Core::WizardDialogParameters &parameters) const

Creates the wizard on the parent with the parameters.

[pure virtual protected] Core::GeneratedFiles BaseFileWizardFactory::generateFiles(const QWizard *w, QString *errorMessage) const

Overwrite to query the parameters from the wizard w and generate the files.

Possible errors are held in errorMessage.

Note: This does not generate physical files, but merely the list of Core::GeneratedFile.

[virtual protected] bool BaseFileWizardFactory::postGenerateFiles(const QWizard *w, const Core::GeneratedFiles &l, QString *errorMessage) const

Overwrite to perform steps to be done by the wizard w after the files specified by l are actually created.

The default implementation opens editors with the newly generated files that have GeneratedFile::OpenEditorAttribute set.

Returns errorMessage if errors occur.

[static protected] bool BaseFileWizardFactory::postGenerateOpenEditors(const Core::GeneratedFiles &l, QString *errorMessage = nullptr)

Opens the editors for the files l if their GeneratedFile::OpenEditorAttribute attribute is set accordingly.

If the editorrs cannot be opened, returns false and dand sets errorMessage to the message that is displayed to users.

[static protected] QString BaseFileWizardFactory::preferredSuffix(const QString &mimeType)

Returns the preferred suffix for mimeType.

[static protected] Core::BaseFileWizardFactory::OverwriteResult BaseFileWizardFactory::promptOverwrite(Core::GeneratedFiles *files, QString *errorMessage)

Performs an overwrite check on a set of files. Checks if the file exists and can be overwritten at all, and then prompts the user with a summary.

Returns errorMessage if the file cannot be overwritten.

[virtual protected] bool BaseFileWizardFactory::writeFiles(const Core::GeneratedFiles &files, QString *errorMessage) const

Physically writes files.

If the files cannot be written, returns false and sets errorMessage to the message that is displayed to users.

Re-implement (calling the base implementation) to create files with GeneratedFile::CustomGeneratorAttribute set.

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