IFindSupport Class

class Core::IFindSupport

The IFindSupport class provides functions for searching in a document or widget. More...

Header: #include <coreplugin/find/ifindsupport.h>
Inherits: QObject
Inherited By:


Public Types

enum Result { Found, NotFound, NotYetFound }

Public Functions

virtual void clearFindScope()
virtual void clearHighlights() = 0
virtual QString completedFindString() const = 0
virtual QString currentFindString() const = 0
virtual void defineFindScope()
virtual Core::IFindSupport::Result findIncremental(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags) = 0
virtual Core::IFindSupport::Result findStep(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags) = 0
virtual void highlightAll(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags)
virtual void replace(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)
virtual int replaceAll(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)
virtual bool replaceStep(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)
virtual void resetIncrementalSearch() = 0
virtual Core::FindFlags supportedFindFlags() const = 0
virtual bool supportsReplace() const = 0


void changed()

Static Public Members

void showWrapIndicator(QWidget *parent)

Detailed Description

See also Core::BaseTextFind.

Member Type Documentation

enum IFindSupport::Result

This enum holds whether the search term was found within the search scope using the find flags.

Core::IFindSupport::Found0The search term was found.
Core::IFindSupport::NotFound1The search term was not found.
Core::IFindSupport::NotYetFound2The search term has not been found yet.

Member Function Documentation

[signal] void IFindSupport::changed()

This signal is emitted when the search changes.

[virtual] void IFindSupport::clearFindScope()

Clears the find scope.

[pure virtual] void IFindSupport::clearHighlights()

Clears highlighting of search results in the searched widget.

[pure virtual] QString IFindSupport::completedFindString() const

Returns the complete search string.

[pure virtual] QString IFindSupport::currentFindString() const

Returns the current search string.

[virtual] void IFindSupport::defineFindScope()

Defines the find scope.

[pure virtual] Core::IFindSupport::Result IFindSupport::findIncremental(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Performs an incremental search of the search term txt using findFlags.

[pure virtual] Core::IFindSupport::Result IFindSupport::findStep(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Searches for txt using findFlags.

[virtual] void IFindSupport::highlightAll(const QString &txt, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Highlights all search hits for txt when using findFlags.

[virtual] void IFindSupport::replace(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Replaces before with after as specified by findFlags.

[virtual] int IFindSupport::replaceAll(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Finds and replaces all instances of before with after as specified by findFlags.

[virtual] bool IFindSupport::replaceStep(const QString &before, const QString &after, Core::FindFlags findFlags)

Replaces before with after as specified by findFlags, and then performs findStep().

Returns whether the find step found another match.

[pure virtual] void IFindSupport::resetIncrementalSearch()

Resets incremental search to start position.

[static] void IFindSupport::showWrapIndicator(QWidget *parent)

Shows parent overlayed with the wrap indicator.

[pure virtual] Core::FindFlags IFindSupport::supportedFindFlags() const

Returns the find flags, such as whole words or regular expressions, that this find filter supports.

Depending on the returned value, the default find option widgets are enabled or disabled.

The default is Core::FindBackward, Core::FindCaseSensitively, Core::FindRegularExpression, Core::FindWholeWords, and Core::FindPreserveCase.

[pure virtual] bool IFindSupport::supportsReplace() const

Returns whether the find filter supports search and replace.

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