IOutputPane Class

class Core::IOutputPane

The IOutputPane class is an interface for providing Output panes. More...

Header: #include <coreplugin/ioutputpane.h>
Inherits: QObject
Inherited By:


Public Types

enum Flag { NoModeSwitch, ModeSwitch, WithFocus, EnsureSizeHint }
flags Flags

Public Functions

IOutputPane(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual bool canFocus() const = 0
virtual bool canNavigate() const = 0
virtual bool canNext() const = 0
virtual bool canPrevious() const = 0
virtual void clearContents() = 0
virtual QString displayName() const = 0
virtual void goToNext() = 0
virtual void goToPrev() = 0
virtual bool hasFocus() const = 0
virtual QWidget *outputWidget(QWidget *parent) = 0
virtual int priorityInStatusBar() const = 0
virtual void setFocus() = 0
virtual QList<QWidget *> toolBarWidgets() const
virtual void visibilityChanged(bool visible)

Public Slots

void flash()
void hide()
void navigateStateChanged()
void popup(int flags)
void setIconBadgeNumber(int number)
void toggle(int flags)


void flashButton()
void hidePage()
void navigateStateUpdate()
void setBadgeNumber(int number)
void showPage(int flags)
void togglePage(int flags)

Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum IOutputPane::Flag
flags IOutputPane::Flags

This enum type controls the behavior of the output pane when it is requested to show itself.

Core::IOutputPane::NoModeSwitch0Does not switch between the modes.
Core::IOutputPane::ModeSwitch1Does switch between the modes.
Core::IOutputPane::WithFocus2Sets focus if canFocus returns true.
Core::IOutputPane::EnsureSizeHint4Ensures the use of the minimum size.

The Flags type is a typedef for QFlags<Flag>. It stores an OR combination of Flag values.

Member Function Documentation

IOutputPane::IOutputPane(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs an output pane as the child of parent.

[slot] void IOutputPane::flash()

Emits the signal flashButton().

See also IOutputPane::flashButton().

[signal] void IOutputPane::flashButton()

Makes the status bar button belonging to the output pane flash.

[slot] void IOutputPane::hide()

Emits the signal hidePage().

See also IOutputPane::hidePage().

[signal] void IOutputPane::hidePage()

Hides the output pane.

Emits the signal navigateStateUpdate().

See also IOutputPane::navigateStateUpdate().

Notifies the output pane manager that the state of canNext, canPrevious, or canNavigate has changed and the buttons need to be updated.

Emits the signal showPage(int flags) with the given parameter flags.

See also IOutputPane::showPage().

[signal] void IOutputPane::setBadgeNumber(int number)

Displays number in the status bar button belonging to the output pane (for example, number of issues on building).

[slot] void IOutputPane::setIconBadgeNumber(int number)

Emits the signal setBadgeNumber(int number) with the given parameter number.

See also IOutputPane::setBadgeNumber().

[signal] void IOutputPane::showPage(int flags)

Shows the output pane. The parameter flags controls the behavior.

See also IOutputPane::Flags.

[slot] void IOutputPane::toggle(int flags)

Emits the signal togglePage(int flags) with the given parameter flags.

See also IOutputPane::togglePage().

[signal] void IOutputPane::togglePage(int flags)

Toggles the hide and show states of the output pane. The parameter flags controls the behavior.

See also IOutputPane::hidePage(), IOutputPane::showPage(), and IOutputPane::Flags.

[pure virtual] bool IOutputPane::canFocus() const

Returns true when the output pane can be focused right now (for example, the search result window does not want to be focused if there are no results).

[pure virtual] bool IOutputPane::canNavigate() const

Determines whether the output pane's navigation buttons can be enabled. When this returns false, the buttons are disabled and cannot be enabled.

See also IOutputPane::canNext() and IOutputPane::canPrevious().

[pure virtual] bool IOutputPane::canNext() const

Determines whether the Next button in the output pane is enabled. Is overwritten when canNavigate() returns false.

See also IOutputPane::canNavigate(), IOutputPane::canPrevious(), and IOutputPane::goToNext().

[pure virtual] bool IOutputPane::canPrevious() const

Determines whether the Previous button in the output pane is enabled. Is overwritten when canNavigate() returns false.

See also IOutputPane::canNavigate(), IOutputPane::canNext(), and IOutputPane::goToPrev().

[pure virtual] void IOutputPane::clearContents()

Is called on selecting the clear button.

[pure virtual] QString IOutputPane::displayName() const

Returns the translated display name of the output pane.

[pure virtual] void IOutputPane::goToNext()

Is called on selecting the Next button.

See also IOutputPane::canNext().

[pure virtual] void IOutputPane::goToPrev()

Is called on selecting the Previous button.

See also IOutputPane::canPrevious().

[pure virtual] bool IOutputPane::hasFocus() const

Returns true when the output pane has focus.

See also IOutputPane::canFocus().

[pure virtual] QWidget *IOutputPane::outputWidget(QWidget *parent)

Returns the output widget (as the child of parent) for the output pane.

[pure virtual] int IOutputPane::priorityInStatusBar() const

Determines the position of the output pane on the status bar.

  • 100 to 0 from front to end
  • -1 do not show in status bar

[pure virtual] void IOutputPane::setFocus()

Gives focus to the output pane window.

See also hasFocus().

[virtual] QList<QWidget *> IOutputPane::toolBarWidgets() const

Returns the toolbar widgets for the output pane.

[virtual] void IOutputPane::visibilityChanged(bool visible)

Gets called when the visibility is changed. visible is true when the output pane is now visible or false otherwise.

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