MessageManager Class

class Core::MessageManager

The MessageManager class is used to post messages in the General Messages pane. More...

Header: #include <coreplugin/messagemanager.h>
Inherits: QObject

Static Public Members

void writeDisrupting(const QString &message)
void writeDisrupting(const QStringList &messages)
void writeFlashing(const QString &message)
void writeFlashing(const QStringList &messages)
void writeSilently(const QString &message)
void writeSilently(const QStringList &messages)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[static] void MessageManager::writeDisrupting(const QString &message)

Writes the message to the General Messages pane and brings the pane to the front.

This might interrupt a user's workflow, so only use this as a direct response to something a user did, like explicitly running a tool.

See also writeSilently() and writeFlashing().

[static] void MessageManager::writeDisrupting(const QStringList &messages)

This function overloads writeDisrupting().

[static] void MessageManager::writeFlashing(const QString &message)

Writes the message to the General Messages pane and flashes the output pane button.

This notifies the user that something important has happened that might require the user's attention. Use sparingly, since continually flashing the button is annoying, especially if the condition is something the user might not be able to fix.

See also writeSilently() and writeDisrupting().

[static] void MessageManager::writeFlashing(const QStringList &messages)

This function overloads writeFlashing().

[static] void MessageManager::writeSilently(const QString &message)

Writes the message to the General Messages pane without any further action.

This is the preferred method of posting messages, since it does not interrupt the user.

See also writeFlashing() and writeDisrupting().

[static] void MessageManager::writeSilently(const QStringList &messages)

This function overloads writeSilently().

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