PluginView Class

class ExtensionSystem::PluginView

The PluginView class implements a widget that shows a list of all plugins and their state. More...

Header: #include <extensionsystem/pluginview.h>
Inherits: QWidget

Public Functions

PluginView(QWidget *parent = nullptr)
ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *currentPlugin() const
void setFilter(const QString &filter)


void currentPluginChanged(ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *spec)
void pluginActivated(ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *spec)

Detailed Description

This class can be embedded for example in a dialog in the application that uses the plugin manager. The class also provides notifications for interaction with the list.

See also ExtensionSystem::PluginDetailsView and ExtensionSystem::PluginErrorView.

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] PluginView::PluginView(QWidget *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a plugin view with parent that displays a list of plugins from a plugin manager.

ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *PluginView::currentPlugin() const

Returns the current selection in the list of plugins.

[signal] void PluginView::currentPluginChanged(ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *spec)

The current selection in the plugin list has changed to the plugin corresponding to spec.

[signal] void PluginView::pluginActivated(ExtensionSystem::PluginSpec *spec)

The plugin list entry corresponding to spec has been activated, for example by a double-click.

void PluginView::setFilter(const QString &filter)

Sets the filter for listing plugins.

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