Action Class

class Utils::Action

The Action class is intended for actions that act on a 'current', string-type parameter (typically a file name), for example 'Save file %1'. More...

Header: #include <Action>
Inherits: QAction

Public Functions

QString emptyText() const
Utils::Action::EnablingMode enablingMode() const
QString parameterText() const
void setEmptyText(const QString &)
void setEnablingMode(Utils::Action::EnablingMode m)
void setParameterText(const QString &)

Detailed Description

The action has 2 states:

  • <no current parameter> displaying "Do XX" (empty text)
  • <parameter present> displaying "Do XX with %1".

Provides a slot to set the parameter, changing display and enabled state accordingly. The text passed in should already be translated; parameterText should contain a %1 where the parameter is to be inserted.

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