PathChooser Class

class Utils::PathChooser

The PathChooser class is a control that lets the user choose a path. The control consist of a QLineEdit and a "Browse" button, and is optionally able to perform variable substitution. More...

Header: #include <PathChooser>
Inherits: QWidget

Public Types

enum Kind { ExistingDirectory, Directory, File, SaveFile, ExistingCommand, …, Any }

Public Functions

Utils::FilePath baseDirectory() const
QStringList commandVersionArguments() const
Utils::PathChooser::Kind expectedKind() const
Utils::FilePath filePath() const
bool isReadOnly() const
QString promptDialogFilter() const
QString promptDialogTitle() const
void setBaseDirectory(const Utils::FilePath &base)
void setCommandVersionArguments(const QStringList &arguments)
void setExpectedKind(Utils::PathChooser::Kind expected)
void setPromptDialogFilter(const QString &filter)
void setPromptDialogTitle(const QString &title)
void setReadOnly(bool b)

Public Slots

void setFilePath(const Utils::FilePath &)
void setPath(const QString &)


void textChanged(const QString &text)

Detailed Description

This class has some validation logic for embedding into QWizardPage.

Member Type Documentation

enum PathChooser::Kind

The Kind enum describes the kind of path a PathChooser considers valid.

Utils::PathChooser::ExistingDirectory0An existing directory
Utils::PathChooser::Directory1A directory that does not need to exist
Utils::PathChooser::File2An existing file
Utils::PathChooser::SaveFile3A file that does not need to exist
Utils::PathChooser::ExistingCommand4An executable file that must exist at the time of selection
Utils::PathChooser::Command5An executable file that may or may not exist at the time of selection (e.g. result of a build)
Utils::PathChooser::Any6No restriction on the selected path

See also setExpectedKind() and expectedKind().

Member Function Documentation

Utils::PathChooser::Kind PathChooser::expectedKind() const

Returns the kind of path the PathChooser considers valid to select.

Note: Getter function for property expectedKind.

See also Utils::PathChooser::Kind and setExpectedKind().

void PathChooser::setExpectedKind(Utils::PathChooser::Kind expected)

Sets the kind of path the PathChooser will consider valid to select to expected.

Note: Setter function for property expectedKind.

See also Utils::PathChooser::Kind and expectedKind().

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