ProjectIntroPage Class

class Utils::ProjectIntroPage

The ProjectIntroPage class is the standard wizard page for a project, letting the user choose its name and path. More...

Header: #include <ProjectIntroPage>
Inherits: Utils::WizardPage

Public Functions

QString description() const
Utils::FilePath filePath() const
bool forceSubProject() const
QString projectName() const
void setForceSubProject(bool force)
bool useAsDefaultPath() const

Public Slots

void setDescription(const QString &description)
void setFilePath(const Utils::FilePath &path)
void setProjectName(const QString &name)
void setUseAsDefaultPath(bool u)

Detailed Description

Looks similar to FileWizardPage, but provides additional functionality:

  • Contains a description label at the top for displaying introductory text.
  • Does on the fly validation (connected to changed()) and displays warnings and errors in a status label at the bottom (the page is complete when fully validated, validatePage() is thus not implemented).

Note: Careful when changing projectintropage.ui. It must have main geometry cleared and QLayout::SetMinimumSize constraint on the main layout, otherwise, QWizard will squeeze it due to its strange expanding hacks.

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