The QPerVertexColorMaterial class provides a default implementation for rendering the color properties set for each vertex. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide2.Qt3DExtras.Qt3DExtras.QPerVertexColorMaterial

Detailed Description

This lighting effect is based on the combination of 2 lighting components ambient and diffuse. Ambient is set by the vertex color. Diffuse takes in account the normal distribution of each vertex.

  • Ambient is the color that is emitted by an object without any other light source.

  • Diffuse is the color that is emitted for rough surface reflections with the lights

This material uses an effect with a single render pass approach and forms fragment lighting. Techniques are provided for OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3 or above as well as OpenGL ES 2.

class PySide2.Qt3DExtras.Qt3DExtras.QPerVertexColorMaterial([parent=None])

Constructs a new QPerVertexColorMaterial instance with parent object parent .