The QRandomGenerator64 class allows one to obtain 64-bit random values from a high-quality, seed-less Random Number Generator. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide2.QtCore.QRandomGenerator64

New in version 5.10.

Detailed Description

QRandomGenerator64 is a simple adaptor class around QRandomGenerator , making the generate64() function the default for operator() (), instead of the function that returns 32-bit quantities. This class is intended to be used in conjunction with Standard Library algorithms that need 64-bit quantities instead of 32-bit ones.

In all other aspects, the class is the same. Please refer to QRandomGenerator ‘s documentation for more information.

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class PySide2.QtCore.QRandomGenerator64(other)

PySide2.QtCore.QRandomGenerator64(begin, end)

PySide2.QtCore.QRandomGenerator64(seedBuffer, len)