The QQuickAsyncImageProvider class provides an interface for for asynchronous control of QML image requests. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide2.QtQuick.QQuickAsyncImageProvider

New in version 5.6.

Detailed Description

See the Image Response Provider Example for a complete implementation.

class PySide2.QtQuick.QQuickAsyncImageProvider
PySide2.QtQuick.QQuickAsyncImageProvider.requestImageResponse(id, requestedSize)
Return type:


Implement this method to return the job that will provide the texture with id .

The id is the requested image source, with the “image:” scheme and provider identifier removed. For example, if the image source was “image://myprovider/icons/home”, the given id would be “icons/home”.

The requestedSize corresponds to the Image::sourceSize requested by an Image item. If requestedSize is a valid size, the image returned should be of that size.


this method may be called by multiple threads, so ensure the implementation of this method is reentrant.