Sensor Gestures C++ Overview

Explains how to use the QtSensorGestures C++ API

Using QtSensorGestures

With the Sensor Gestures classes, you are able to easily utilize device gesturing using sensors, such as the accelerometer and proximity.

A list of currently supported sensor gestures and their descriptions can be found here: Qt Sensor Gestures

Using QtSensorGestures is easy. There are two main classes you will need to use:

  • QSensorGestureManager : can be used for determining which sensor gestures are available.

  • QSensorGesture : for connecting the sensor gesture signals.

// Create a QSensorGestureManager
    QSensorGestureManager gestureManager;

// Get a list of known recognizers
    QStringList recognizersList = gestureManager.gestureIds();

// Create a QSensorGeture object for each of those gesture recognizers
        QSensorGesture *gesture = new QSensorGesture( gestureManager.gestureIds(), this);
// Connect the known signals up.
        connect(gesture, SIGNAL(detected(QString)), this, SLOT(gestureDetected(QString)));

More information about the sensor gesture recognizers can be found in QtSensorGestures Plugins .

Main Classes

The primary classes that make up the QtSensorGestures API:


The QSensorGesture class represents one or more sensor gesture recognizers.


The QSensorGestureManager class manages sensor gestures, registers and creates sensor gesture plugins.

The primary classes that make up the QtSensorGesturesRecognizers API:


The QSensorGesturePluginInterface class is the pure virtual interface to sensor gesture plugins.


The QSensorGestureRecognizer class is the base class for a sensor gesture recognizer.

Details of the QSensorGesturePlugins available