LineChart Example

The example shows how to create a simple line chart.


Running the Example

To run the example from Qt Creator , open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.

Creating Line Charts

To create a line chart, a QLineSeries instance is needed. Let’s create one.

series = QLineSeries()

Then we add data to the series. We can use the append() member function or use the stream operator.

series.append(0, 6)
series.append(2, 4)
series.append(3, 8)
series.append(7, 4)
series.append(10, 5)
series << QPointF(11, 1) << QPointF(13, 3) << QPointF(17, 6) << QPointF(18, 3) << QPointF(20, 2)

To present the data on the chart we need a QChart instance. We add the series to it, create the default axes, and set the title of the chart.

chart = QChart()
chart.setTitle("Simple line chart example")

Then we create a QChartView object with QChart as a parameter. This way we don’t need to create a QGraphicsView scene ourselves. We also set the Antialiasing on to have the rendered lines look nicer.

chartView = QChartView(chart)

The chart is ready to be shown.

window = QMainWindow()
window.resize(400, 300)

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