Qml Customizations


This application shows you how to customize different visual properties of a ChartView and series.

This example shows a wheel of fortune by customizing a pie series.

Running the Example

To run the example from Qt Creator , open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.

Customizing Chart Views

First we create the ChartView and a couple of series.

ChartView {
    id: chartView
    anchors.fill: parent
    title: "Wheel of fortune"
    legend.visible: false
    antialiasing: true

    PieSeries {
        id: wheelOfFortune
        horizontalPosition: 0.3

    SplineSeries {
        id: splineSeries

    ScatterSeries {
        id: scatterSeries

The application data is generated in Component.onCompleted of the main rectangle:

Component.onCompleted: {
    __intervalCoefficient = Math.random() + 0.25;

    for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++)
        wheelOfFortune.append("", 1);

    var interval = 1;
    for (var j = 0; interval < 800; j++) {
        interval = __intervalCoefficient * j * j;
        splineSeries.append(j, interval);
    chartView.axisX(scatterSeries).max = j;
    chartView.axisY(scatterSeries).max = 1000;

The following customizations are done repeatedly with a timer. To highlight one of the pie slices at time we modify its exploded property:

wheelOfFortune.at(index).exploded = false;
index = __activeIndex % wheelOfFortune.count;
wheelOfFortune.at(index).exploded = true;

Then an animation using a scatter series with one data point:

scatterSeries.append(__activeIndex, interval);
scatterSeries.color = Qt.tint(scatterSeries.color, "#05FF0000");
scatterSeries.markerSize += 0.5;

When the wheel of fortune has stopped, we make the active slice blink by modifying its colors.

// Switch the colors of the slice and the border
wheelOfFortune.at(index).borderWidth = 2;
switchColor = wheelOfFortune.at(index).borderColor;
wheelOfFortune.at(index).borderColor = wheelOfFortune.at(index).color;
wheelOfFortune.at(index).color = switchColor;

Example project @ code.qt.io