class Binder#

The Binder class is a convenience class to help with the binding and releasing of OpenGL Vertex Array Objects. More




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Detailed Description#

Binder is a simple convenience class that can be used to assist with the binding and releasing of QOpenGLVertexArrayObject instances. This class is to QOpenGLVertexArrayObject as QMutexLocker is to QMutex.

This class implements the RAII principle which helps to ensure behavior in complex code or in the presence of exceptions.

The constructor of this class accepts a QOpenGLVertexArrayObject (VAO) as an argument and attempts to bind the VAO, calling create() if necessary. The destructor of this class calls release() which unbinds the VAO.

If needed the VAO can be temporarily unbound with the release() function and bound once more with rebind() .



Creates a Binder object and binds v by calling bind() . If necessary it first calls create() .

Return type:


__exit__(arg__1, arg__2, arg__3)#
  • arg__1 – object

  • arg__2 – object

  • arg__3 – object


Can be used to rebind the associated vertex array object.

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Can be used to temporarily release the associated vertex array object.

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