UpdateOperation Class

class KDUpdater::UpdateOperation

The UpdateOperation class is an abstract base class for update operations. More...

Header: #include <UpdateOperation>

Public Types

enum Error { NoError, InvalidArguments, UserDefinedError }
enum OperationGroup { Unpack, Install, All, Default }
flags OperationGroups
enum OperationType { Backup, Perform, Undo }

Public Functions

QString argumentKeyValue(const QString &key, const QString &defaultValue = QString()) const
QStringList arguments() const
virtual void backup() = 0
void clear()
void clearValue(const QString &name)
int error() const
QString errorString() const
QStringList filesForDelayedDeletion() const
virtual bool fromXml(const QDomDocument &doc)
virtual bool fromXml(const QString &xml)
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::OperationGroup group() const
bool hasValue(const QString &name) const
QString name() const
QString operationCommand() const
QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *packageManager() const
virtual bool performOperation() = 0
bool requiresUnreplacedVariables() const
void setArguments(const QStringList &args)
void setValue(const QString &name, const QVariant &value)
virtual quint64 sizeHint()
virtual bool testOperation() = 0
virtual QDomDocument toXml() const
virtual bool undoOperation() = 0
QVariant value(const QString &name) const

Protected Functions

bool checkArgumentCount(int minArgCount, int maxArgCount, const QString &argDescription = QString())
bool checkArgumentCount(int argCount)
bool deleteFileNowOrLater(const QString &file, QString *errorString = 0)
QStringList parsePerformOperationArguments()
QStringList parseUndoOperationArguments()
void registerForDelayedDeletion(const QStringList &files)
void setError(int error, const QString &errorString = QString())
void setErrorString(const QString &str)
void setGroup(const KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::OperationGroup &group)
void setName(const QString &name)
void setRequiresUnreplacedVariables(bool isRequired)
bool variableReplacement(QString *variableValue)

Detailed Description

The KDUpdater::UpdateOperation is an abstract class that specifies an interface for update operations. Concrete implementations of this class must perform a single update operation, such as copy, move, or delete.

Note: Two separate threads cannot be using a single instance of KDUpdater::UpdateOperation at the same time.

Member Type Documentation

enum UpdateOperation::Error

This enum code specifies error codes related to operation arguments and operation runtime failures.

KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::NoError0No error occurred.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::InvalidArguments1Number of arguments does not match or an invalid argument was set.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::UserDefinedError128An error occurred during operation run. Use UpdateOperation::errorString() to get the human-readable description of the error that occurred.

enum UpdateOperation::OperationGroup
flags UpdateOperation::OperationGroups

This enum specifies the execution group of the operation.

KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::Unpack0x1Operation should be run in the unpacking phase. Operations in this group are run concurrently between all selected components.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::Install0x2Operation should be run in the installation phase.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::All(Unpack | Install)All available operation groups.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::DefaultInstallThe default group for operations, synonym for Install.

The OperationGroups type is a typedef for QFlags<OperationGroup>. It stores an OR combination of OperationGroup values.

enum UpdateOperation::OperationType

This enum code specifies the operation type.

KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::Backup0Backup operation.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::Perform1Perform operation.
KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::Undo2Undo operation.

Member Function Documentation

QString UpdateOperation::argumentKeyValue(const QString &key, const QString &defaultValue = QString()) const

Searches the arguments for the key specified by key. If it can find the key, it returns the value set for it. Otherwise, it returns defaultValue. Arguments are specified in the following form: key=value.

QStringList UpdateOperation::arguments() const

Returns the arguments of the update operation.

See also setArguments().

[pure virtual] void UpdateOperation::backup()

Subclasses must implement this function to back up any data before performing the action.

[protected] bool UpdateOperation::checkArgumentCount(int minArgCount, int maxArgCount, const QString &argDescription = QString())

Returns true if the argument count is within limits of minArgCount and maxArgCount. argDescription contains information about the expected form.

[protected] bool UpdateOperation::checkArgumentCount(int argCount)

Returns true if the argument count is exactly argCount.

void UpdateOperation::clear()

Clears the previously set arguments.

void UpdateOperation::clearValue(const QString &name)

Clears the value of name and removes it.

[protected] bool UpdateOperation::deleteFileNowOrLater(const QString &file, QString *errorString = 0)

Tries to delete file. If file cannot be deleted, it is registered for delayed deletion.

If a backup copy of the file cannot be created, returns false and displays the error message specified by errorString.

int UpdateOperation::error() const

Returns the error that was found during the processing of the operation. If no error was found, returns NoError. Subclasses can set more detailed error codes (optional).

Note: To check if an operation was successful, use the return value of performOperation(), undoOperation(), or testOperation().

See also setError().

QString UpdateOperation::errorString() const

Returns a human-readable description of the last error that occurred.

See also setErrorString().

QStringList UpdateOperation::filesForDelayedDeletion() const

Returns the list of files that are scheduled for later deletion.

[virtual] bool UpdateOperation::fromXml(const QDomDocument &doc)

Restores operation arguments and values from the XML document doc. Returns true on success, otherwise false.

Note: : Clears all previously set values and arguments.

[virtual] bool UpdateOperation::fromXml(const QString &xml)

This is an overloaded function.

Restores operation arguments and values from the XML file at path xml. Returns true on success, otherwise false.

KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::OperationGroup UpdateOperation::group() const

Returns the execution group this operation belongs to.

See also setGroup().

bool UpdateOperation::hasValue(const QString &name) const

Returns true if a value called name exists, otherwise returns false.

QString UpdateOperation::name() const

Returns the update operation name.

See also setName().

QString UpdateOperation::operationCommand() const

Returns a command line string that describes the update operation. The returned string will be of the form:

<name> <arg1> <arg2> <arg3> ....

QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *UpdateOperation::packageManager() const

Returns the package manager core this operation belongs to.

[protected] QStringList UpdateOperation::parsePerformOperationArguments()

Returns operation argument list without UNDOOOPERATION arguments.

[protected] QStringList UpdateOperation::parseUndoOperationArguments()

Returns undo operation argument list. If the installation is cancelled or failed, returns an empty list so that full undo operation can be performed.

[pure virtual] bool UpdateOperation::performOperation()

Subclasses must implement this function to perform the update operation.

Returns true if the operation is successful.

[protected] void UpdateOperation::registerForDelayedDeletion(const QStringList &files)

Registers a list of files to be deleted later once the application was restarted and the file or files are not used anymore.

bool UpdateOperation::requiresUnreplacedVariables() const

Returns true if installer saves the variables unresolved. The variables are resolved right before operation is performed.

See also setRequiresUnreplacedVariables().

void UpdateOperation::setArguments(const QStringList &args)

Sets the arguments for the update operation to args.

See also arguments().

[protected] void UpdateOperation::setError(int error, const QString &errorString = QString())

Sets the error condition to be error. The human-readable message is set to errorString.

See also UpdateOperation::error() and UpdateOperation::errorString().

[protected] void UpdateOperation::setErrorString(const QString &str)

Sets the human-readable description of the last error that occurred to str.

See also errorString().

[protected] void UpdateOperation::setGroup(const KDUpdater::UpdateOperation::OperationGroup &group)

Sets the execution group of the operation to group. Subclasses can change the group to control which installation phase this operation should be run in.

The default group is Install.

See also group().

[protected] void UpdateOperation::setName(const QString &name)

Sets the name of the operation to name. Subclasses will have to provide a unique name to describe the operation.

See also name().

[protected] void UpdateOperation::setRequiresUnreplacedVariables(bool isRequired)

Sets the requirement for unresolved variables to isRequired.

See also requiresUnreplacedVariables().

void UpdateOperation::setValue(const QString &name, const QVariant &value)

Sets the value of name to value.

See also value().

[virtual] quint64 UpdateOperation::sizeHint()

Returns a numerical representation of how this operation compares to other operations in size, and in time it takes to perform the operation.

The default returned value is 1. Subclasses may override this method to implement custom size hints.

[pure virtual] bool UpdateOperation::testOperation()

Subclasses must implement this function to perform the test operation.

Returns true if the operation is successful.

[virtual] QDomDocument UpdateOperation::toXml() const

Saves operation arguments and values as an XML document and returns the document. You can override this method to store your own extra-data. Extra-data can be any data that you need to store to perform or undo the operation. The default implementation is taking care of arguments and values set via UpdateOperation::setValue().

[pure virtual] bool UpdateOperation::undoOperation()

Subclasses must implement this function to perform the undo of the update operation.

Returns true if the operation is successful.

QVariant UpdateOperation::value(const QString &name) const

Returns the value of name. If the value does not exist, returns an empty QVariant.

See also setValue().

[protected] bool UpdateOperation::variableReplacement(QString *variableValue)

Replaces installer value variableValue with predefined variable. If key is found for the variableValue and the key ends with string _OLD, the initial variableValue is replaced with the value having a key without _OLD ending. This way we can replace the hard coded values defined for operations, if the value has for some reason changed. For example if we set following variables in install script:

installer.setValue("MY_OWN_EXECUTABLE", "C:/Qt/NewLocation/Tools.exe")
installer.setValue("MY_OWN_EXECUTABLE_OLD", "C:/Qt/OldLocation/Tools.exe")

and we have moved the Tools.exe from OldLocation to NewLocation, the operation continues to work and use the Tools.exe from NewLocation although original installation has been made with Tools.exe in OldLocation. Returns true if variableValue is replaced.

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