ExtractCallback Class

class Lib7z::ExtractCallback

Provides a callback for archive extraction. More...

Header: #include <ExtractCallback>

Public Functions

void setArchive(CArc *carc)
void setTarget(const QString &dir)

Protected Functions

virtual bool prepareForFile(const QString &filename)
virtual LONG setCompleted(quint64, quint64)
virtual void setCurrentFile(const QString &filename)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[virtual protected] bool ExtractCallback::prepareForFile(const QString &filename)

Implement to prepare for file filename to be extracted, e.g. by renaming existing files. Return true if the preparation was successful and extraction can be continued. If false is returned, the extraction will be aborted. The default implementation returns true.

void ExtractCallback::setArchive(CArc *carc)

Sets carc as archive.

[virtual protected] LONG ExtractCallback::setCompleted(quint64, quint64)

Always returns true.

[virtual protected] void ExtractCallback::setCurrentFile(const QString &filename)

Sets the current file to filename.

void ExtractCallback::setTarget(const QString &dir)

Sets the target directory to dir.

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