DayOfWeekRow QML Type

A row of names for the days in a week. More...




Detailed Description

DayOfWeekRow presents day of week names in a row. The names of the days are ordered and formatted using the specified locale.

DayOfWeekRow {
    locale: Qt.locale("en_US")

DayOfWeekRow can be used as a standalone control, but it is most often used in conjunction with MonthGrid. Regardless of the use case, positioning of the row is left to the user.

ColumnLayout {
    DayOfWeekRow {
        locale: grid.locale
        Layout.fillWidth: true

    MonthGrid {
        id: grid
        month: Calendar.December
        year: 2015
        locale: Qt.locale("en_US")
        Layout.fillWidth: true

The visual appearance of DayOfWeekRow can be changed by implementing a custom delegate.

Note: Types in this module are not guaranteed to remain compatible in future versions.

See also MonthGrid and WeekNumberColumn.

Property Documentation

delegate : Component

This property holds the item delegate that visualizes each day of the week.

In addition to the index property, a list of model data roles are available in the context of each delegate:

model.day : intThe day of week (Qt::DayOfWeek)
model.longName : stringThe long version of the day name; for example, "Monday" (QLocale::LongFormat)
model.shortName : stringThe short version of the day name; for example, "Mon" (QLocale::ShortFormat)
model.narrowName : stringA special version of the day name for use when space is limited; for example, "M" (QLocale::NarrowFormat)

The following snippet presents the default implementation of the item delegate. It can be used as a starting point for implementing custom delegates.

delegate: Text {
    text: model.shortName
    font: control.font
    horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignHCenter
    verticalAlignment: Text.AlignVCenter

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