Qt 5.15.17 for Device Creation

Qt for Device Creation is a commercial offering that provides the Qt development framework for multiple embedded platforms: embedded Linux, QNX, INTEGRITY, and VxWorks.

Qt for Device Creation offering is based on the Qt for Application Development offering that provides you the Qt Essentials and Qt Add-Ons modules, and Qt tools for the desktop and mobile supported platforms.

Supported Target Devices

Qt for Device Creation has plenty of different supported target devices. See Supported Target Devices and Development Hosts.

Boot to Qt

In embedded Linux, Qt for Device Creation provides the Boot to Qt software stack. It is a light-weight, Qt-optimized, full software stack for embedded Linux systems that is installed into the actual target device. The Boot to Qt software stack provides a complete toolchain required for faster software development in the embedded Linux environment, enabling shorter time-to-market. For more detailed information, see Boot to Qt Software Stack.

Qt Automotive Suite

Qt Automotive Suite is built on top of the Qt for Device Creation offering. Qt Automotive Suite is a collection of software components and tools to enable development of In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems. For more information about Qt Automotive Suite, see Qt Automotive Suite.

Qt for RTOS

Qt for Device Creation provides source-only deliveries for several embedded platforms that are targeted for Real-Time Operating Systems:

The platform specific pages provide detailed information about the supported Qt modules and other features.

For more information about the supported operating system versions and Qt's internal test environments, see Supported Target Operating System Versions.

The source deliveries are available via the Qt online installer.

In case you need help with Qt for RTOS, you can contact Qt Consulting.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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