License Information


Qt for Device Creation is licensed under the Qt Enterprise commercial license. For more information, see http://www.qt.io/licensing. Evaluation licenses are also available, see Qt for Device Creation on www.qt.io.

3rd Party Software Licenses

The following third-party components are used in Qt for Device Creation:

ComponentDescriptionLicense Type
EGL 1.5 HeadersThese headers are based on EGL 1.5 specification.MIT License
OpenGL ES 2.0 HeadersThese headers are based on Open GL ES 2.0 specification.MIT and SGI License
OpenGL ES 3.1 HeadersThese headers are based on OpenGL ES 3.1 specification.MIT and SGI License
OpenKODE Core 1.0 HeaderThe header is based on OpenKODE Core 1.0 specification.MIT License
Lipi Toolkit (LipiTk)An open source toolkit for online Handwriting Recognition (HWR).MIT-Style License
OpenWnnA Japanese IMEApache License
PinyinAn IME for Standard Chinese input.Apache License
Traditional Chinese IME (tcime)A traditional Chinese IME.Apache License

See the licenses page for the complete list of third-Party components used by Qt.

Embedded Linux Images

The embedded Linux platform is built using tools from the Yocto Project. The open source licenses and notices are located in

  • /usr/share/common-licenses/license.manifest
  • /usr/share/licenses/*

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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