Neptune 3 UI - App Popups

An application popup is used from applications to display information inside modal popups. As these popups should be shown in the very top layer of the UI, the rendering should be done in System UI. This approach involves Qt Application Manager and its ApplicationManagerWindow API.

Implementation Insights

The interface component to the application is PopupWindow. This is displayed in the Center Console Display and gives the application the flexibility to create popups containing any kind of custom content and display those in system ui as a modal popups. The Application Popup Store is responsible of holding all application popups in Neptune3 UI in a list and managing them. It is in other words a popup manager taking care of showing and dismissing popups. That said, it also takes care of the rendering taking into account all properties the application has set for this specific popup.

See PopupWindow for detailed information and usage examples.

Some Use-Cases in Neptune 3 UI

Media Application

All available at the moment media sources.

Sheets Application

Popup example in sheets application.

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