QCameraFormat Class

The QCameraFormat class describes a video format supported by a camera device. More...

Header: #include <QCameraFormat>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Multimedia)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Multimedia)
qmake: QT += multimedia


Public Functions

QCameraFormat(const QCameraFormat &other)
bool isNull() const
float maxFrameRate() const
float minFrameRate() const
QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat pixelFormat() const
QSize resolution() const
bool operator!=(const QCameraFormat &other) const
QCameraFormat &operator=(const QCameraFormat &other)
bool operator==(const QCameraFormat &other) const

Detailed Description

QCameraFormat represents a certain video format supported by a camera device.

The format is a combination of a pixel format, resolution and a range of frame rates.

QCameraFormat objects can be queried from QCameraDevice to inspect the set of supported video formats.

See also QCameraDevice and QCamera.

Property Documentation

[read-only] maxFrameRate : const float

Returns the highest frame rate defined by this format.

In 6.2, the camera will always try to use the highest frame rate supported by a certain video format.

Access functions:

float maxFrameRate() const

[read-only] minFrameRate : const float

Returns the lowest frame rate defined by this format.

Access functions:

float minFrameRate() const

[read-only] pixelFormat : const QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat

Returns the pixel format.

Most commonly this is either QVideoFrameFormat::Format_Jpeg or QVideoFrameFormat::Format_YUVY but other formats could also be supported by the camera.

Access functions:

QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat pixelFormat() const

See also QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat.

[read-only] resolution : const QSize

Returns the resolution.

Access functions:

QSize resolution() const

Member Function Documentation

[noexcept] QCameraFormat::QCameraFormat()

Constructs a null camera format.

See also isNull().

[noexcept] QCameraFormat::QCameraFormat(const QCameraFormat &other)

Copy constructs a camera format from the other format.

[noexcept] QCameraFormat::~QCameraFormat()

Destructs the camera format object.

[noexcept] bool QCameraFormat::isNull() const

Returns true if this is a default constructed QCameraFormat.

bool QCameraFormat::operator!=(const QCameraFormat &other) const

Returns false if the other format is equal to this camera format, otherwise true.

[noexcept] QCameraFormat &QCameraFormat::operator=(const QCameraFormat &other)

Assign other to this.

bool QCameraFormat::operator==(const QCameraFormat &other) const

Returns true if the other format is equal to this camera format, otherwise false.

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