cameraDevice QML Value Type

Describes a camera device. More...

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia


Detailed Description

The cameraDevice value type describes the properties of a camera device that is connected to the system.

The list of camera devices can be queried from the MediaDevices type. To select a certain camera device set it as the device on Camera.

CaptureSession {
    camera: Camera {
        cameraDevice: mediaDevices.defaultVideoInput
MediaDevices {
    id: mediaDevices

Property Documentation

correctionAngle : QtVideo::Rotation [since 6.7]

Returns the rotation angle needed to compensate for the physical camera rotation of the camera compared to its native orientation. In other words, the property represents the clockwise angle through which the output image needs to be rotated to be upright on the device screen in its native orientation. Since correctionAngle is relative to the native orientation, this value does not change with altering the device orientation (portrait/landscape). The correction angle may be non-zero mostly on Android, where native and camera orientations are defined by the manufacturer.

Example with 90 degrees \a correctionAngle

This property was introduced in Qt 6.7.

description : string

Holds a human readable name of the camera.

Use this string to present the device to the user.

id : string

Holds he device id of the camera

This is a unique ID to identify the camera and may not be human-readable.

isDefault : bool

Is true if this is the default camera device.

position : enumeration

Returns the physical position of the camera on the hardware system.

The returned value can be one of the following:

cameraDevice.UnspecifiedPositionThe camera position is unspecified or unknown.
cameraDevice.BackFaceThe camera is on the back face of the system hardware. For example on a mobile device, it means it is on the opposite side to that of the screen.
cameraDevice.FrontFaceThe camera is on the front face of the system hardware. For example on a mobile device, it means it is on the same side as that of the screen.

videoFormats : CameraFormat

Holds the video formats supported by the camera.

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