ScreenCapture QML Type

This type is used for capturing a screen. More...

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia
Since: Qt 6.5
Instantiates: QScreenCapture


Detailed Description

ScreenCapture captures a screen. It is managed by MediaCaptureSession where the captured screen can be displayed in a video preview object or recorded to a file.

The code below shows a simple capture session with ScreenCapture playing back the captured primary screen view in VideoOutput.

CaptureSession {
    id: captureSession
    screenCapture: ScreenCapture {
        id: screenCapture
        active: true
    videoOutput: VideoOutput {
        id: videoOutput

See also ScreenCapture and CaptureSession.

Property Documentation

active : bool

Describes whether the capturing is currently active.

[read-only] error : string

Returns a code of the last error.

[read-only] errorString : string

Returns a human readable string describing the cause of error.

screen : Screen

Describes the screen for capturing.

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