Embedded Clock and Contacts Apps

An app that embeds the Clock and Contacts apps in floating window using Activity View Dialogs.

"ActivityView Dialogs Example Screenshot"

Building and deploying the example

See specific steps relating to building and deploying Qt for Android Automotive examples.

Including the API

To use the ActivityView plugin in Qt Quick application, first, we have to import the QtAA ActivityView module in QML:

import QtAndroidAutomotive.ActivityView

Wrapping an application inside the floating window

Now, it's possible to use the ActivityView QML API to define the floating window component, ActivityViewWindow. The component is based on FloatingWindow, defined in FloatingWindow.qml, and encapsulates visual appearance and behavior.

Defining ActivityView

The ActivityView related functionality is covered by the ActivityView item placed inside FloatingWindow, and sets parameters of each embedded Activity.

        ActivityView {
            id: activityView

            anchors.fill: parent
            anchors.margins: activityMargin

            radius: 25

            usePlaceholder: activityViewWindow.resizing || activityViewWindow.moving

            placeholder: Item {
                Image {
                    id: iconImage

                    anchors.centerIn: parent

            BusyIndicator {
                anchors.centerIn: parent

                visible: activityView.status !== ActivityView.Status.Started

With the ActivityViewWindow component we can now define two floating windows, which will wrap the Activities of Android Applications. In this example we are embedding the Clock and Contacts applications inside two windows.

    ActivityViewWindow {
        id: firstWindow

        title: "Clock"
        packageName: "com.android.deskclock"
        icon: Qt.resolvedUrl("icons/icon_clock.png")
        visible: false

    ActivityViewWindow {
        id: secondWindow

        title: "Contacts"
        packageName: "com.android.contacts"
        icon: Qt.resolvedUrl("icons/icon_contacts.png")
        visible: false

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