What's New In This Release

The Qt for Android Automotive 6.5 release is significant in a number of ways.

Features that are a technical preview

The following parts of the API are at the technical preview stage. These are subject to change and there are no maintenance, source, or binary compatibility guarantees. These may not be fully released in the future.


Allows receiving broadcasts and filtering them with custom Intent Filters. (Technical Preview)


Used for sending intents. (Technical Preview)


Used for filtering intents in combination with AndroidBroadcastReceiver. (Technical Preview)


Provides types related to QAndroidMatchPattern. (Technical Preview)


Allows access to current user's information. (Technical Preview)


Enables access to basic user related views. (Technical Preview)


Controls the current media being played on a device. (Technical Preview)


List of media controllers currently active on the device. (Technical Preview)


Used to represent an Intent's data authority. (Technical Preview)


Allows receiving broadcasts with custom Intent Filters. (Technical Preview)


Utility class for sending broadcasts. (Technical Preview)


Used for filtering intents in combination with QAndroidBroadcastReceiver. (Technical Preview)


Utility class to hold information about intents. (Technical Preview)


Used to store a path and pattern matcher for use in QAndroidIntentFilter. (Technical Preview)


Class containing information about the user. (Technical Preview)


Enables access to basic user related views. (Technical Preview)


Controls the current media being played on a device. (Technical Preview)


List of media controllers currently active on the device. (Technical Preview)


The QML representation of QAndroidIntentInfo. (Technical Preview)


The QML representation of QAndroidAuthorityEntry. (Technical Preview)


The QML representation of QAndroidMatchPattern. (Technical Preview)

Architecture change

Normally Qt products do not have binary or source breaks between minor releases. However, given that Qt for Android Automotive is a young product we took the opportunity to improve the encapsulation, ease of use, and deployment of the APIs. This was done by reorganizing existing classes and types into logically grouped modules. This structure also will reduce the development effort required for future additions to the APIs.

New features

For a good overview of the features introduced in this release see the Qt for Android Automotive 6.5 is released blog post.

Porting from 6.4 to 6.5

There are source and binary compatibility breaks between Qt for Android Automotive versions 6.4 and 6.5. All classes and types should be considered deprecated with the following exceptions:

Practically, the deprecated classes and types have only been moved so the only two things required to port your application to Qt for Android Automotive 6.5.

  • Update the import or include statements in your code.
  • Update the library linking statements in your project's CMakeList.txt file.

For details see the statements at the top of all namespace, class, and QML type documentation pages.

API change details

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QAndroidAppsUtils:

int appUid(const QString &packageName)
bool startAppOnScreen(const QString &packageName, const QScreen *screen)
bool startAppOnScreen(const QString &packageName, int displayId)

Class QAppItem:

int uid() const

New QML Types

New QML Properties

QML Type AndroidUserProfiles:

currentUser : AndroidUserDetails

New QML Methods

QML Type AndroidAppsUtils:

int appUid(string packageName)
bool startAppOnScreen(string packageName, const QQuickScreenInfo *screenInfo)
bool startAppOnScreenById(string packageName, int displayId)

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