AndroidUserProfiles QML Type

Enables access to basic user related views. More...

Import Statement: import QtAndroidAutomotive.Base


  • currentUser : AndroidUserDetails (since QtAndroidAutomotive 6.5)


Detailed Description

AndroidUserProfiles allows you to access basic Android user functionality.

Note: It is a singleton, so you do not have to declare it in your qml code. See snippet below.

Button {
    onClicked: AndroidUserProfiles.showUserPropertiesView()

Property Documentation

currentUser : AndroidUserDetails [since QtAndroidAutomotive 6.5]

Property holds the details of the current user

This property was introduced in QtAndroidAutomotive 6.5.

Method Documentation

bool showUserPropertiesView()

Shows the Android's User Properties activity, which enables editing the current user's name. If the current user is admin, the activity allows also the addition of a new user, as well as editing other users' permissions.

Returns false if showing the activity failed.

[since Android 11] bool showUserSwitcherView()

Shows the Android's User Switch view. That view enables changing the current user.

Returns false if showing the activity failed.

This method was introduced in Android 11.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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