IntentObject QML Type

This type represents an Intent definition on the System UI side. More...

Import Statement: import QtApplicationManager.SystemUI 2.0


Detailed Description

Each instance of this class represents a single Intent definition for a specific application.

Most of the read-only properties map directly to values read from the package's info.yaml file - these are documented in the Manifest Definition.

Items of this type are not creatable from QML code. Only functions and properties of IntentServer and IntentModel will return pointers to this class.

Make sure to not save references to an IntentObject across function calls: packages (and with that, the intents contained within) can be deinstalled at any time, invalidating your reference. In case you do need a persistent handle, use the intentId together with the applicationId string.

Property Documentation

[read-only] applicationId : string

The id of the application responsible for handling this intent.

[read-only] intentId : string

The id of the intent.

[read-only] packageId : string

The id of the package that the handling application of this intent is part of.

[read-only] parameterMatch : var

A handling application can limit what parameter values it accepts. The property itself is an object that corresponds to a subset of allowed parameter object of this intent. When set, the parameters of each incoming intent request are matched against this object, following these rules:

  • a field missing from parameterMatch is ignored.
  • a field of type string specified in parameterMatch is matched as a regular expressions against the corresponding parameter value.
  • for fields of type list specified in parameterMatch, the corresponding parameter value has to match any of the values in the list (using QVariant compare).
  • any other fields in parameterMatch are compared as QVariants to the corresponding parameter value.

One example would be an open-mime-type intent that is implemented by many applications: there would be a mimeType parameter and each application could limit the requests it wants to receive by setting a parameterMatch on this mimeType parameter, e.g. { mimeType: "^image/.*\.png$" }

[read-only] requiredCapabilities : list<string>

An application requesting this intent needs to have all of the given capabilities.

See also ApplicationObject::capabilities.

[read-only] visibility : IntentObject.Visibility

The visibility of this intent for other packages.

  • IntentObject.Public - Any application can request this intent.
  • IntentObject.Private - Only applications from the same package can request this intent.

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