What's New in 1.1.1

New Features

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed many bugs related to running multiple ads, video not showing, and cases with user agents.
  • Applied multiple bug fixes related to the users, such as mobile replicable example bugs and invalid media URLs for some ad requests. In the first case, the user didn't install the Websocket, and for the invalid media URL case, we updated the regex formula to parse the media URL.
  • [MobileDemoExample] QML Error observed when switched to AnchoredScreen Ad
  • MobileAd MRAID crash
  • Advertisement cannot be played on invisible objects
  • [QAdvertisementEmbeddedDemo]FullScreen Ad does not play on Android
  • SMART additional device info
  • Multiple ads are unable to play


  • QAdvertisementMobileDemo application is not supported with Mingw compiler on Windows, since needed component - webview is not available with mingw compiler

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