SharedImage Struct

struct Qul::SharedImage

Shared reference to image data. More...

Header: #include <qul/image.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.5

Public Functions

SharedImage(Qul::SharedImage &&other)
SharedImage(const Qul::SharedImage &other)
Qul::SharedImage &operator=(Qul::SharedImage &&other)
Qul::SharedImage &operator=(const Qul::SharedImage &other)
Qul::Image *image() const
bool operator bool() const

Detailed Description

This struct is used to pass memory buffers with image data to QUL elements for drawing. Properties like Image.source have the type Property<SharedImage>.

The most commonly used SharedImage values are built by the compiler for the image resources that are available at compile time and point to static memory areas.

You can use Image to allocate new image data on the heap or to import image data you have prepared separately. Image implicitly converts to SharedImage.

Note: The image() function may return nullptr on SharedImage values generated by the compiler. Use operator bool() to determine if a SharedImage references image data.

See also Image.

Member Function Documentation

SharedImage::SharedImage(Qul::SharedImage &&other)

Move constructor

SharedImage::SharedImage(const Qul::SharedImage &other)

Copy constructor


Construct a null image reference.

Qul::SharedImage &SharedImage::operator=(Qul::SharedImage &&other)

Move assignment from other

Qul::SharedImage &SharedImage::operator=(const Qul::SharedImage &other)

Copy assignment from other



Qul::Image *SharedImage::image() const

Get associated Image, if available.

If this SharedImage was created from an Image, this returns a pointer to the image.

Note: Internally, Qt Quick Ultralite may create SharedImage instances that do not have an associated Image. In these cases this function returns nullptr.

bool SharedImage::operator bool() const

Returns true if the SharedImage references some image data.

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