By default, the option is ON to generate glyphs for all used characters in all the used font configurations. You can disable it by setting it to OFF, and hint the font compiler to generate the glyphs based exclusively on the font.unicodeCoverage property setting. For example:

readonly property font myFont1: Qt.font({ quality: Font.QualityVeryHigh })
readonly property font myFont2: Qt.font({ quality: Font.QualityVeryLow, unicodeCoverage: ["def"] })

Text {
    font: parent.myFont1
    text: "abc"
Text {
    font: parent.myFont2
    text: "def"

If QUL_AUTO_GENERATE_GLYPHS is set to OFF, then the "abc" characters in the earlier example are not rendered as the glyphs are not generated for that font configuration. The "def" characters are rendered as the font.unicodeCoverage property of myFont2 has the correct character set.


set_target_properties(<Executable Target> PROPERTIES QUL_AUTO_GENERATE_GLYPHS "<ON/OFF>")

See also font.unicodeCoverage.

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