Define the asset runtime allocation type.

Use this property to define the runtime allocation type to be used while copying the asset data for the project's resources. The accepted values are defined in AllocationType.

Default value: 3 (DefaultPreload)


Use this property to define the memory allocation type the platform should use while accessing the image assets. It is useful if the board offers different volatile memory (for example RAM, VRAM or HyperRAM) alternatives, or supports different memory allocation strategies.

The property takes an integer value between 0 to 256. The given value should match the memory allocator types known by the platform. On most platforms the range, [128,255], is dedicated to user-defined custom allocators.

If your target board supports custom runtime allocation types, they will be described in the board-specific documentation.

The default value varies depending on the resource cache policy configured. If the policy is OnStartup, the default value is 3 (DefaultPreload). If the policy is OnDemand (or the image is compressed), the default value is 1 (Image).

Note: The OnDemand cache policy requires that you enable image caching.


MCU.Config {
    resourceRuntimeAllocationType: 129


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also QUL_RESOURCE_RUNTIME_ALLOCATION_TYPE and ImageFiles.MCU.resourceRuntimeAllocationType.

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