Localization: Localize Safety-Critical Content

The Localization example demonstrates how you can localize content in safety-critical elements.

For localization support, you need to define SAFE_LANGUAGES, SAFE_TRANSLATION, and TRANSLATIONS variables in the project file as instructed in Enabling Localization.

Qt Safe Renderer generates separate layout data files for each locale. See an example of the generated data under <Qt installation directory>/Examples/QtSafeRenderer-<version>/saferenderer/localization/layoutData/SafeUI.

The following topics provide more information about localization in Qt:

Building and Running Localization

The example can be built for the host platform, QNX, and INTEGRITY.

On the host platform, you can build and run Localization with the following steps:

  1. Select Build > Run QMake.
  2. Select Build > Build Project <a project name>.

To run the project, select Build > Run.

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