SafeRenderer Namespace

Contains all Misra compliant classes and types. More...

Header: #include <SafeRenderer>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0

This namespace was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.



enum AnimationType { Unset, XPosition, YPosition, Opacity, Sprite, Color }
enum EventId { EventUndefined, EventSetVisibility, EventSetPosition, EventHeartbeatUpdate, EventHeartbeatTimeout, …, LastEventID }
enum HorizontalAlignment { AlignLeft, AlignRight, AlignHCenter }
enum LayoutType { BitmapLayout, TextLayout, StateDefinition }
enum VerticalAlignment { AlignTop, AlignBottom, AlignVCenter }
typedef qchar
typedef qint8
typedef qint32
typedef qint64
typedef qint
typedef quchar
typedef quint8
typedef quint16
typedef quint32
typedef quint64


SafeRenderer::quint32 ARGBtoInt(const SafeRenderer::ARGB &color)
SafeRenderer::quint8 *allocAlignedFromMemoryPool(const SafeRenderer::quint32 sizeArgInBytes)
SafeRenderer::quint32 qsafe_hash(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const dataPtr, const size_t dataLength)
SafeRenderer::quint32 qsafe_hash_string(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const dataPtr)
SafeRenderer::quint16 qt_checksum(const SafeRenderer::quchar *const dataPtr, const size_t dataLength)
size_t safe_strlen(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const strArg)

Detailed Description

The SafeRenderer namespace contains all the Misra C++ compliant software components for Safe Renderer.


class AbstractFrameBuffer

The AbstractFrameBuffer class provides an interface for accessing the system's frame buffer. More...

class AbstractWindow

The AbstractWindow class provides an interface for constructing a window with a given size. More...

class AnimationData

The AnimationData struct that holds the animation data. More...

class Constraints

Struct that holds various constraint values for Qt Safe Renderer. More...

class EventHandler

The EventHandler class creates a platform specific event loop for receiving QSafeEvents from the other processes. More...

class FailedToInitFrameBuffer

The FailedToInitFrameBuffer class is an exception class for SafeWindow. More...

class Glyph

Struct that holds the glyph data. More...

class LayoutData

The LayoutData class encapsulates the layout data. More...

class MISRCalculator

The MISRCalculator class calculates the CRC value for the region. More...

class MISRVerifier

The MISRVerifier class provides the output verifier implementation for the Qualcomm Snapdragon board. More...

class OutputVerificationQueue

The OutputVerificationQueue class provides an API to queue the output verification requests. More...

class OutputVerifier

The OutputVerifier class is the container class for executing the output verification. More...

class OutputVerifierException

The OutputVerifierException class is throw in case of errors. More...

class OutputVerifierInterface

The OutputVerifierInterface class provides an API to verify the graphics output. More...

class QSafeAnimations

The QSafeAnimations class holds the animation data. More...

class QSafeBitmap

The QSafeBitmap class holds the bitmap file. More...

class QSafeBitmapBuffer

The QSafeBitmapBuffer class holds the bitmap data. More...

class QSafeBitmapFileReader

The QSafeBitmapFileReader class reads the bitmap data from the file. More...

class QSafeBitmapReader

The QSafeBitmapReader abstract class provides interface for reading bitmap data. More...

class QSafeBitmapResource

The QSafeBitmapResource class provides the Qt resource file implementation of QSafeBitmap. More...

class QSafeBitmapResourceReader

The QSafeBitmapResourceReader class provides the Qt resource file implementation of QSafeBitmapReader. More...

class QSafeByteArray

The QSafeBitmapBuffer class holds the byte array. More...

class QSafeEvent

The QSafeEvent class provides a base class for the Qt Safe Renderer events. More...

class QSafeEventChangeLayout

The QSafeEventChangeLayout class changes the safe renderer layout to another. More...

class QSafeEventChangeState

The QSafeEventChangeState class changes the state of the safe item. More...

class QSafeEventConnection

The QSafeEventConnection class connects the layout item to the system event. More...

class QSafeEventHeartbeat

The QSafeEventHeartbeat class represents the keepalive message from the non-safe side to the safe side. More...

class QSafeEventHeartbeatTimeout

QSafeEventHeartbeatTimeout indicates that a heart beat timeout has occurred. More...

class QSafeEventOutputVerificationStatusReply

The QSafeEventOutputVerificationStatusReply is send as reply to the EventOutputVerificationStatusRequest request. More...

class QSafeEventOutputVerificationStatusRequest

The QSafeEventOutputVerificationStatusRequest is used to request the output verification results. More...

class QSafeEventOutputVerificationVerifyItem

The QSafeEventOutputVerificationVerifyItem is used to update the output CRC value of the single safe item. More...

class QSafeEventSender

The QSafeEventSender class provides an abstract communication interface to the safe renderer processes. More...

class QSafeEventSetText

The QSafeEventSetText class changes the text in layout. More...

class QSafeEventSystem

The QSafeEventSystem class sends the system event state change. More...

class QSafeEventVisibility

The QSafeEventVisibility class changes the item visibility between visible and hidden. More...

class QSafeFile

The QSafeFile class reads the data from the file. More...

class QSafeFileInfo

The QSafeFileInfo class contains functions for getting the path and the filename from the QSafeString. More...

class QSafeFont

QSafeFont class reads the QPF2 font file. More...

class QSafeFontCache

QSafeFontCache class caches a font. More...

class QSafeFontLoader

QSafeFontLoader class loads a specified font. More...

class QSafeLayout

The QSafeLayout class provides an abstract class for accessing the Qt Safe Renderer layout data. More...

class QSafeLayoutFileReader

The QSafeLayoutFileReader class reads the layout data from a file. More...

class QSafeLayoutResourceReader

The QSafeLayoutResourceReader class reads the layout data from the Qt's resource structure. More...

class QSafePoint

The QSafePoint class holds the x-coordinate and y-coordinate. More...

class QSafeRect

The QSafeRect class defines a rectangle in the plane. More...

class QSafeRenderer

The QSafeRenderer class renders the safe layout. More...

class QSafeSize

The QSafeSize class holds the height and width variables. More...

class QSafeStateFileReader

The QSafeStateFileReader class loads the state definition from the file. More...

class QSafeStateLoader

The QSafeStateLoader class loads the state definition file. More...

class QSafeStateResourceReader

The QSafeStateResourceReader class loads the state definition from the resource data. More...

class QSafeString

The QSafeString class contains functions for the string manipulation. More...

class QSafeTextLayout

The QSafeTextLayout class contains functions for the text layout manipulation. More...

class QSafeTouch

The QSafeTouch class contains parameters that describe a touch event. More...

class QStringSplitter

The QStringSplitter class splits the string. More...

class SafeWindow

The SafeWindow class implements the AbstractWindow interface. More...

class SafeWindowException

The SafeWindowException class is an abstract exception class for SafeWindow. More...

class StateManager

The StateManager class maintains the state of the indicators. More...

class TestVerifier

The TestVerifier class provides the output verifier implementation for the Qt GUI adaptation. More...

class VerifyRegion

The VerifyRegion class provides API to monitor graphics output. More...

Type Documentation

enum SafeRenderer::AnimationType

This enum describes the possible animation types.

SafeRenderer::Unset0The value is not set.
SafeRenderer::XPosition1An X-position animation.
SafeRenderer::YPosition2An Y-position animation.
SafeRenderer::Opacity3An opacity animation.
SafeRenderer::Sprite4A sprite animation.
SafeRenderer::Color5A color animation.

enum SafeRenderer::EventId

This enum describes the type of the event. The possible types are:

SafeRenderer::EventUndefined0UThe event type is not defined.
SafeRenderer::EventSetVisibility1The event changes the visibility of the item.
SafeRenderer::EventSetPosition2The event changes the position of the item.
SafeRenderer::EventHeartbeatUpdate3The event keeps alive the update notification that has been received from the non-safe partition.
SafeRenderer::EventHeartbeatTimeout4The timeout has occurred in the heart beat messaging.
SafeRenderer::EventConnectEventToState5The events connects the system event to the UI state.
SafeRenderer::EventChangeLayout6The event changes the layout file.
SafeRenderer::EventSystemStateChange7The system event that changes the UI state.
SafeRenderer::EventSetText8The event changes the text of the item.
SafeRenderer::EventSetColor9The event changes the color of the item, where item can be text or picture.
SafeRenderer::EventChangeState10The event requests a state change.
SafeRenderer::EventAnimationTick11The event changes the tick status.
SafeRenderer::EventWindowUpdateRequest12The event requests a window update.
SafeRenderer::EventOutputVerificationRequest13The event requests an output verification.
SafeRenderer::EventOutputVerificationStatusRequest14The event requests the status of output verification.
SafeRenderer::EventOutputVerificationStatusReply15The event sends a reply of the status request.
SafeRenderer::EventOutputVerificationVerifyItem16The event updates the output CRC value of the single safe item.
SafeRenderer::EventQuit17The event requests to quit the output verification.
SafeRenderer::EventTouch18The event provides touch information to the safe renderer process.
SafeRenderer::LastEventID19The event validates the event id range.

enum SafeRenderer::HorizontalAlignment

This enum type specifies horizontal alignment:


enum SafeRenderer::LayoutType

This enum defines layout type.

SafeRenderer::BitmapLayout0A bitmap layout.
SafeRenderer::TextLayout1A text layout
SafeRenderer::StateDefinition2A state layout.

enum SafeRenderer::VerticalAlignment

This enum type specifies vertical alignment:


typedef qchar

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit signed char.

typedef qint8

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit signed char.

typedef qint32

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit signed int.

typedef qint64

Qt-style synonym for 64-bit signed long long.

typedef qint

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit signed int.

typedef quchar

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit unsigned char.

typedef quint8

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit unsigned char.

typedef quint16

Qt-style synonym for 16-bit unsigned short.

typedef quint32

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit unsigned int.

typedef quint64

Qt-style synonym for 64-bit unsigned long long.

Function Documentation

SafeRenderer::quint32 SafeRenderer::ARGBtoInt(const SafeRenderer::ARGB &color)

Cast color ARGB to Int.

SafeRenderer::quint8 *SafeRenderer::allocAlignedFromMemoryPool(const SafeRenderer::quint32 sizeArgInBytes)

Reserves a buffer with size sizeArgInBytes. The index to the buffer is adjusted so that the underlying address in memory is aligned to 4 byte boundary for safe access via quint32 pointer. Returns pointer to the reserved buffer.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.2.

SafeRenderer::quint32 SafeRenderer::qsafe_hash(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const dataPtr, const size_t dataLength)

Calculates the hash value of the string.

This is a copy of the implementation of the Qt 4 qHash algorithm. dataPtr is the pointer to the source string. dataLength is the length of the string.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

SafeRenderer::quint32 SafeRenderer::qsafe_hash_string(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const dataPtr)

Calculates the hash value of the null-terminated string.

dataPtr is the pointer to the source string.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 2.0.

SafeRenderer::quint16 SafeRenderer::qt_checksum(const SafeRenderer::quchar *const dataPtr, const size_t dataLength)

Returns the CRC-16 checksum of the first dataLength bytes starting at dataPtr.

Note: The checksum is independent of the byte order (endianness) and will be calculated according to the algorithm published in the ISO 3309 standard.

Note: This function is a 16-bit cache conserving (16 entry table) implementation of the CRC-16-CCITT algorithm.

Note: If data pointer is NULL a 0 is returned.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

size_t SafeRenderer::safe_strlen(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const strArg)

Returns the length of the strArg c-style string.

Note: This function is originated from https://www.misra.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1160

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