SupportedFamily Class

class QKnxNetIpSrpProxy::SupportedFamily

The QKnxNetIpSrpProxy::SupportedFamily class provides the means to create a Select By Service SRP for an extended search request. More...

This class was introduced in Qt 5.12.

Public Functions

SupportedFamily(const SupportedFamily &other)
SupportedFamily &operator=(const SupportedFamily &other)
QKnxNetIpSrp create() const
SupportedFamily &setMandatory(bool value)
SupportedFamily &setServiceInfo(const QKnxServiceInfo &info)

Detailed Description

The client includes this SRP to indicate that it is interested only in responses from KNXnet/IP servers supporting the given KNXnet/IP service family in at least the given version.

If the KNXnet/IP server does not support the given service family or supports the given service family only in a lower version, then it does not respond to this search request.

Note: By default the mandatory flag is set to true.

The common way to create this SRP is:

auto srpDibs = QKnxNetIpSrpProxy::supportedFamilyBuilder()
    .setServiceInfo({ QKnxNetIp::ServiceFamily::Core, 2 })

See also QKnxNetIpSearchRequestProxy.

Member Function Documentation

SupportedFamily::SupportedFamily(const SupportedFamily &other)

Constructs a copy of other.


Constructs a builder for a Select By Service SRP of an extended search request.

SupportedFamily &SupportedFamily::operator=(const SupportedFamily &other)

Assigns other to this Select By Service builder and returns a reference.


Destroys the Select By Service SRP builder.

QKnxNetIpSrp SupportedFamily::create() const

Creates the Select By Service SRP.

SupportedFamily &SupportedFamily::setMandatory(bool value)

Sets the mandatory bit flag of the Type Code field to value.

SupportedFamily &SupportedFamily::setServiceInfo(const QKnxServiceInfo &info)

Sets the supported service families and versions of the KNXnet/IP SRP structure to info and returns a reference to the SRP builder.

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